Exodus Siege

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Exodus Siege
Type Adventures
Number 06
Location Exodus Black, Nessus
Recommended Power 90
Description Fallen activity near the Exodus Black has risen.
Enemy Types Fallen, Vex
Prerequisite Speak to Failsafe after completing the Story Mission Six.
Previous Invitation from the Emperor
Next Hack the Planet
Equipment Sondok-C, Rare Gear
Exodus Siege is an Adventure in Nessus.


Recommended Power: 90

Equipment Recommendations:

  • You will mostly be battling Fallen in large open areas. Arc-based weapons are recommended.


Upon beginning the Adventure, there will be a group of Fallen you will need to deal with at the edge of the nearby lake. It will feature two Captains, one of them - toughened up. With that done, head for the Exodus Black entrance area and deal with the toughened Vandals you will come across. Note the explosive barrier that's blocking your progress.

Scanning your surroundings with Ghost will place objective markers on the targets you need to destroy. Focus on them, but don't forget the regular Fallen roaming the area. Drop the barrier by destroying its central mechanical components and proceed to follow the Fallen signal.

Follow the objective marker to a Fallen base and into a sunken tunnel to the northeast. Enter the tunnel and fight your way to the Vex portal before entering it.

The portal will transport you to the Chamber of Sky. Keep in mind that it will be a Restricted Zone. There, you will be met by some Fallen forces, including an Elite Servitor, and an energy barrier that halts further progress. Destroy the Elite Servitor and it will drop its core. Wipe out the remaining Fallen, then grab the core and deposit it in the nearby shield generator to deactivate the barrier.

The next barrier will have two shield generators and there will be two Servitors to worry about. Eliminate all lesser foes first, starting with any Exploder Shanks you come across, making your way through the Vandals, and wiping out the rest of the cannon fodder. Then, take out the Servitors one by one. Once all Fallen are down, pick up the Servitor cores one at a time and deposit them in the two shield generators.

The next stage will have you fight Assault Commander Arka, a special Captain. He will be made invulnerable by a Servitor, so deal with that first, then wipe out any lesser backup before finally focusing your fire on the Captain. As each third of his health is dropped, he will summon a new Servitor and some additional cannon fodder. Employ the same tactics each time and use whatever offensive abilities you have to finish the encounter as quick as possible. Make sure to stick to cover and watch your own health.

Once Arka is down, the Adventure is completed.