Sunken Cavern

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Sunken Cavern
Location Nessus
Zone Arcadian Valley
Landing Zone No
Vex Enemy Groups 3
Chests No
Material Nodes Yes
Patrol Beacons None
Region Chests None
Scannable Objects 2
Connections Hallows, Exodus Black (Sector), Well of Giants
"None" is not a number.
"None" is not a number.

Sunken Cavern is a Sector in Arcadian Valley, Nessus.

Points of Interest

  • Exit to Hallows: On the northeastern end of the Sector, players can find the tunnel to Hallows.
  • Exit to Exodus Black (Sector): To the southeast of the floating boulders, players can find a circular Vex chamber. Guardians can reach it by either traversing the floating rocks or using a Vex Cannon over at the Vex Altar. There will be a group of enemies in this area that guard the tunnel towards Exodus Black.
  • Exit to Well of Giants: This floating well section leads to a portal that transports players to the Well of Giants. There is also a scannable object here.
  • Vex Altar: The main Vex Altar in this area can be found on the northern side of the Sector. There is a group of Vex enemies there. Two Vex cannons are also present. One leads to the Exit to Exodus Black and the other - to the Exit to Hallows.
  • Floating Boulders: Across the center of the Sector, a group of floating boulders can be seen. They can be used for traversing between the way to Hallows, the Vex Altar, and the exit to Exodus Black.
  • Vex Ledges (East): On the northern side of the Sector, there is a series of ledges that runs between the tunnel to Hallows and the Vex Altar.
  • Vex Ledges (West): These ledges stretch on the northwestern side of the Sector, between the Vex Altar and the Exit to Well of Giants.

Scannable Objects

  • Near the entrance from Hallows, there is a small alcove with a scannable object inside.
  • Just before you reach the portal to Well of Giants, turn around and look for the yellow Vex conduit in between the interior rings.


  • There are three groups of Vex enemies in the Sector - two around the Altar to the north and one near the Exit to Exodus Black (Sector).