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Locations, also called Destinations, are the various places which can be visited in Destiny 2.


Several terms are used to talk about locations:

  • Sectors are the subdivisions of locations. They can function in one of two ways:
    • If a Sector allows different fireteams to play together freely, it is an open-world Sector.
    • If a Sector does not allow different fireteams to play together freely, it is an instanced Sector (each fireteam that visits such a Sector plays in their own version of it, often called an instance).
  • Patrol Zones are the playable portions of many locations. These areas, containing a mixture of open-world and instanced Sectors, are where most activities, such as Patrols, Adventures, Public Events, Lost Sectors and Strikes, occur.
    • The term Patrol Zone is commonly used to refer only to the open-world Sectors of a location - this usage is designated in this article via the phrase "Patrol Zone proper".
  • Social Spaces are safe zones which usually house several Vendors within one or more open-world Sectors. Weapons, though they cannot be used in these places, are displayed on characters, which are controlled from a third-person perspective (rather than the first-person perspective used in combat zones).
  • Mission Areas are the playable portions of locations which, in addition to being specifically designed for their associated activities, exist on their own maps rather than on the same map as a Patrol Zone. They are almost always comprised of instanced Sectors.


See also: Earth

European Dead Zone - patrol zone

The Farm - social space

The Tower - social space


See also: Titan

New Pacific Arcology - patrol zone


See also: Nessus

Arcadian Valley - patrol zone


See also: Io

Echo Mesa - patrol zone


See also: Mercury

Fields of Glass - patrol zone


See also: Mars

Hella's Basin - patrol zone

Tangled Shore

See also: Tangled Shore

Tangled Shore - patrol zone

The Dreaming City

See also: The Dreaming City

The Dreaming City - patrol zone

Other Locations

These locations either cannot be visited freely (the player must be in a particular activity to visit them) or are not available to visit at all times.

The Third Spire - social space (only available while Trials of the Nine is active)

The Last City, Earth - initial mission area for Homecoming

Command Ship - final mission area for Homecoming

Exodus - mission area for Adieu

The Almighty - mission area for 1AU

The Last City - mission area for Chosen

Nessus Orbit - location of the Leviathan (requires 290+ Power to make visible)

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