Lectern of Enchantment

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Lectern of Enchantment
Lectern npc.png
Name Lectern of Enchantment
Title Harnesser of Dark Hymns
Location Sanctuary, Moon
Description A mechanism of the occult built by Eris Morn to harness even the most unstable of magics. Access the lectern to create gear using Nightmare Essences and collect bounties.

Lectern of Enchantment is the Harnesser of Dark Hymns and a vendor on the Moon.


The Lectern becomes available after the player completes the Back from the Dark quest. It can be found on the Moon, near the Sanctuary landing zone.



This vendor offers two weekly, four daily and repeatable bounties.





The Lectern offers repeatable Essence quests in exchange for Phantasmal Cores. It gives only the Essences which were discovered by the player from another source. Once an item required for an Essence quest is obtained, that quest will not ask to get it again.

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