Kadi 55-30

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Kadi 55-30
Name Kadi 55-30
Title Postmaster
Race Frame
Gender Female-Programmed
Location The Tower
Description Postmaster Frames dutifully oversee deliveries, messages, and lost items.

Kadi 55-30 is a returning NPC and Vendor from the original Destiny and has the exact same operations as they did in the original game. This Frame Postmaster will hold any and all of your loot that gets left behind during missions, events, and when an enemy is killed and leaves behind an Engram that you might have just missed by accident. All you have to do is converse with Kadi 55-30 and you can pick and choose from any and all items that they have on hand with them and they will be placed into your Inventory without any extra charge thrown in.


For Kadi 55-30 there is only one location they can be conversed with to receive all of the items that get left behind in Kadi 55-30’s care:

  • The Tower - To locate Kadi 55-30, head to the courtyard within the tower and you’ll find Kadi 55-30 without any concern.

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