Darbi 55-30

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Darbi 55-30
Darbi 55-30.PNG
Name Darbi 55-30
Title Postmaster
Race Frame
Gender Female-Programmed
Location The Farm
Description Postmaster Frames dutifully oversee deliveries, messages, and lost items.

Similar to their Frame cousin, Darbi 55-30 is a returning NPC and Vendor from the original Destiny, all with similar operations and usages. Just like her counterpart, Darbi 55-30 will hold onto any pieces of loot that were mistakenly left on the battlefield, be they Engrams, Consumables, or anything else that you accidentally leave behind once you leave the planet. To acquire those items from the Postmaster, all you have to do is locate her, talk to her, and select any and all of the items you wish to claim and bring into your Inventory; completely free of charge.


Once again, Darbi 55-30 is similar to Kadi 55-30 and can only be found in one location (one of the social locations) in the game:

  • The Farm – To find Darbi 55-30, head towards the east at the entrance to the Farm and you’ll find Darbi 55-30 standing there, working behind her desk in all of her glory.

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