Quinn Laghari

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Quinn Laghari
Quinn Laghari.jpg
Name Quinn Laghari
Title City Archivist
Race Human
Gender Female
Location Neomuna
Description Data Architect Extraordinaire

Quinn Laghari is a vendor in Neomuna, found on Neptune. She can only be accessed after completing the Lightfall campaign.


She is located in the Hall of Heroes in Neomuna. She can be found in the memorial hall, behind the large door that opens after completing the Lightfall campaign.

A Landing Zone that provides quicker access to the Hall of Heroes and this vendor becomes available after unlocking the Rank 11 upgrade from Nimbus.

Weekly Challenges

Name Description Objectives Rewards
Metropolitan Defense Defeat combatants in Terminal Overload.
  • Combatants defeated: 300


Quinn offers a series of post-campaign quests. After completing the first quest, each subsequent quest will revolve around completing various tasks in Neomuna in order to restore a broken Cloud Strider memorial. The quests must be completed in the following order:

All quests except the first and last are initially hidden, using the following icon and description:

Quinn Laghari Broken Memorial icon.jpg Broken Memorial
A memorial you know little about.


  • After completing all of her quests and her weekly challenge, Quinn's vendor icon will disappear from the Neomuna map.