Neomuna Engram

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Neomuna Engram
Legendary engram icon1.png
Season 20
Type Engram
Rarity Legendary
Description An engram with shifting markers.

Contains previously acquired Neomuna gear or weapons. Once upgraded, this engram rewards previously acquired Neomuna weapons.

Neomuna Engram is a Legendary Engram added in Lightfall.


Players get a Neomuna Engram as a reward for each rank increase with Nimbus in Neomuna. Rank can be increased by completing various activities in Neomuna.


Neomuna Engrams are stored on Nimbus's vendor interface, where they can be claimed to immediately decrypt them into a Legendary weapon or armor item. Before reaching Rank 30 with Nimbus, the engrams will reward Neomuna gear that has been acquired in Collections, as well as weapons from the World Loot Pool.

Reaching Rank 30 with Nimbus unlocks the Nimbus Neomuna Engram Upgrade icon.jpg Neomuna Engram Upgrade. This will cause all engrams earned after Rank 30 to only drop previously acquired Neomuna weapons, excluding the Terminal Overload weapons. They will no longer drop Neomuna armor or World Pool weapons.


Neomuna Weapons

Phyllotactic spiral icon1.jpg Arc.png Phyllotactic Spiral
Primary icon.png Pulse Rifle
Round robin icon1.jpg Strand icon.png Round Robin
Primary icon.png Hand Cannon
Iterative loop icon1.jpg Arc.png Iterative Loop
Special icon.png Fusion Rifle

Volta bracket icon1.jpg Strand icon.png Volta Bracket
Special icon.png Sniper Rifle
Dimensional hypotrochoid icon1.jpg Stasis.png Dimensional Hypotrochoid
Heavy icon.png Grenade Launcher

Neomuna Armor