Artifice Armor

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Artifice Armor
Artifice armor icon1.png
Season 15
Item Type Armor Perk
Type Intrinsic
Rarity Legendary
Description This armor contains a bonus socket that can be used to equip mods that allow you to slightly modify its stats.

Artifice Armor is a Legendary Intrinsic Armor Perk. The term can also refer to armor with this perk.


Armor items with the Artifice Armor perk can be obtained as drops from dungeons on Master difficulty. Currently, the dungeons where Master difficulty is available, as well as their associated armor sets, include the following, from oldest to newest:

The most recent dungeon will always have Master difficulty available to select. For older dungeons, Master difficulty will only be available for the current weekly rotator dungeon (marked in the Director by a challenge that rewards Pinnacle Gear).

Artifice Armor Mods

Armor items with this perk have an additional "Artifice Armor Mod" socket in addition to their normal mod sockets. This socket can equip mods that will increase their associated armor stat by +3. These mods have no Energy cost and are available by default.


  • Artifice Armor originally added an additional Artifact Mod socket, which could equip mods from the current Seasonal Artifact that would normally be equipped in an armor item's armor slot (e.g. Helmet, Arms, etc.). This was replaced with the stat-boosting Artifice Armor Mod slot in the Season of Defiance.
    • A mod equipped in the Artifact Mod socket still counted toward the total Energy of all mods equipped to the armor piece.
    • Due to Artifact Mods becoming deprecated at the end of each Season, it was recommended to remove them from the Artifice Armor slot before the Season ended. There were issues in the past where Artifice Armor lost its extra mod socket due to this.[1]

Patch History

  • 7.3.5[2]
    • Artifice Armor can be earned from playing Competitive Crucible
  • 7.3.0[3]
    • Fixed an issue where acquiring Artifice Armor before non-Artifice Armor would prevent it from being available as an armor ornament.
  • 7.1.0[4]
    • Fixed tooltips for Master dungeons to properly list Artifice Armor as rewards.
    • Artifice armor has had its bonus socket converted into a socket that allows you to increase any one stat on that armor piece by +3.
  • 6.3.0[7]
    • Artifice Armor pieces that previously lost their bonus artifact mod sockets have had those sockets restored and can be used to slot Season 19 artifact mods.
    • Fixed an issue where Artifice Armor lost their special mod socket.


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