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A hidden tech-metropolis, untouched by the Collapse.

Neomuna is a destination on Neptune, introduced in Lightfall. It is inhabited by Shadow Legion Cabal and Vex enemies.


The Neomuna patrol area can be accessed by players who complete the First Contact mission from the Lightfall campaign. This mission is available to all players for free.

The destination's vendor is Nimbus, a Cloud Strider. They can be found at Striders' Gate. Players can earn reputation with them by completing various activities and bounties in Neomuna. Nimbus gives a Neomuna Engram on each rank increase, as well as other items and destination bonuses that are earned by reaching certain ranks.

The Hall of Heroes acts as a quest hub for the Lightfall campaign. Story characters, such as Osiris and Rohan, will appear in this area. The player can optionally hear additional dialogue from these characters at various points in the campaign. These "Interludes" will be marked on the destination map when they are available. A computer terminal will also play radio messages when interacted with.

After completing the Lightfall campaign, more vendors become available in the Hall of Heroes. Meditating at the Pouka Pond unlocks the player's Strand subclass: Berserker for Titans, Threadrunner for Hunters, and Broodweaver for Warlocks. Strand Meditations icon.jpg Strand Meditations can be used to purchase additional upgrades. The door to the Hall of Heroes proper will also open, granting access to Quinn Laghari's series of quests.

Initially, Neomuna has one Landing Zone at Striders' Gate. Reaching Rank 11 with Nimbus will unlock an upgrade that activates Landing Zones at the Hall of Heroes and Límíng Harbor, as well as a Landing Zone that rotates daily with the Terminal Overload Public Event. The campaign must be completed in order to claim this upgrade.

Vex Incursion Zone

The Vex are testing CloudArk defenses in this region. Reality fractures as the VexNet bleeds through into Neomuna.

In the Vex Incursion Zone, Vex will appear in greater numbers and Strand energy sources will temporarily increase Strand ability recovery.

Rarely, the Vex will succeed in disabling the CloudArk's defenses, and the elite Vex strike force will deploy a concentrated assault.

Each week, one of three sectors will be designated as a Vex Incursion Zone. It rotates between Límíng Harbor, Zephyr Concourse, and Ahimsa Park, in that order. Vex enemies will generally appear more often in this area, although this may vary due to Public Events and Terminal Overload. Vex Network architecture will appear throughout the area, with Hobgoblin snipers sitting on blocks floating overhead.

Strand icon.png Strand energy sources, similar to those seen in the Lightfall campaign, will spawn in the Incursion Zone. As in the campaign, players who are not using a Strand subclass can interact with a Strand source to temporarily gain a Strand subclass with basic abilities. Players already using a Strand subclass will not have their build changed. The Strand sources also grant the "Strand Empowered" buff, giving improved Strand ability regeneration for the duration.

A portal to the weekly Partition mission will be available within the Incursion Zone, marked on the player's map: Hard Reset in Límíng Harbor, Backdoor in Zephyr Concourse, and Ordnance in Ahimsa Park. The portal can only be opened with a Polymorphic Shellcode icon.jpg Polymorphic Shellcode, which is obtained from Nimbus's Vex Incursion Countermeasures weekly bounty. The bounty can only be purchased after completing both the Lightfall campaign and the Bluejay quest from Quinn Laghari.

A unique Public Event, Supernumerary Blitz, can randomly occur in the Vex Incursion Zone. Players must defeat a strike force of 6 powerful Minotaur enemies within a time limit. Successfully completing the event will reward a guaranteed Exotic Engram drop for each participant.


Striders' Gate

Hall of Heroes


Public Events

Lost Sectors








Neomuna Weapons

These weapons have Weapon Patterns that can be learned through Deepsight Resonance extractions, allowing them to be crafted. All five Neomuna destination weapons can be obtained through the Lightfall campaign quest, as well as the From Zero... and ...To Hero quests. The weapons are given as rewards by Nimbus with guaranteed Deepsight, even when completed again on other characters.

After unlocking them in Collections, additional copies of these weapons can be obtained from Neomuna Engrams, earned from each rank gained with Nimbus. However, they can also drop Neomuna armor, as well as weapons from the World Loot Pool. After unlocking the Nimbus Neomuna Engram Upgrade icon.jpg Neomuna Engram Upgrade at Rank 30 and claiming all previous engrams, Neomuna Engrams will exclusively drop Neomuna weapons, and will have a higher chance to drop Deepsight weapons.[1] Nimbus's weekly challenge can also reward Neomuna weapons, but may also drop armor.

The weekly Lightfall Story Mission challenge for earning a team score of 100,000 or better will reward guaranteed Neomuna weapon Pattern progress for weapons that have not had their patterns unlocked.[1]

Neomuna weapons can randomly drop when completing Heroic Public Events and Heroic Patrols.

Phyllotactic spiral icon1.jpg Arc.png Phyllotactic Spiral
Primary icon.png Pulse Rifle
Round robin icon1.jpg Strand icon.png Round Robin
Primary icon.png Hand Cannon
Iterative loop icon1.jpg Arc.png Iterative Loop
Special icon.png Fusion Rifle

Volta bracket icon1.jpg Strand icon.png Volta Bracket
Special icon.png Sniper Rifle
Dimensional hypotrochoid icon1.jpg Stasis.png Dimensional Hypotrochoid
Heavy icon.png Grenade Launcher

Terminal Overload Weapons

These weapons cannot be crafted. They can only be obtained as drops from the Terminal Overload Public Event. After completing Stage 3 of the event, opening the locked chest with a Terminal Overload Key icon.jpg Terminal Overload Key can drop a unique weapon, which depends on the sector that the event is taking place in, rotating daily. After reaching Rank 15 with Nimbus and unlocking the Nimbus Upgrade Terminal Overload Key Chest icon.jpg Upgrade Terminal Overload Key Chest upgrade, the Key chest will be guaranteed to drop this weapon. The Terminal Overload sectors and their associated weapon drops are as follows, listed in order of event rotation:

The normal Terminal Overload Stage 3 chest can drop any of the three weapons. Quinn Laghari's weekly challenge will also reward a random Terminal Overload weapon.

Synchronic roulette icon1.jpg Strand icon.png Synchronic Roulette
Primary icon.png Submachine Gun
Basso ostinato icon1.jpg Arc.png Basso Ostinato
Special icon.png Shotgun
Circular logic icon1.jpg Strand icon.png Circular Logic
Heavy icon.png Machine Gun


The Neomuna armor set is the Thunderhead Suit. The player can obtain a full set of Thunderhead armor by gaining ranks with Nimbus. However, some of Nimbus's armor rewards are initially hidden and can only be claimed after completing the Lightfall campaign. These armor items can also be claimed on the player's other characters, allowing them to obtain a full set of Thunderhead armor for each class.

High-stat Thunderhead armor can be obtained as drops from Lightfall weekly Story Missions, which become available on the Neomuna map after completing the Lightfall campaign. Higher difficulties offer a greater drop chance.

Thunderhead helm icon1.jpgThunderhead plate icon1.jpg
Thunderhead gauntlets icon1.jpgThunderhead greaves icon1.jpg
Thunderhead Suit
Titan Titan
Thunderhead mask icon1.jpgThunderhead vest icon1.jpg
Thunderhead grips icon1.jpgThunderhead strides icon1.jpg
Thunderhead Suit
Hunter Hunter
Thunderhead cover icon1.jpgThunderhead robes icon1.jpg
Thunderhead gloves icon1.jpgThunderhead boots icon1.jpg
Thunderhead Suit
Warlock Warlock

Patch History

  • 7.1.0[2]
    • Upgraded Super/Ability Kills Patrol to a Gold Patrol to better reward players.
      • Fixed an issue where some Strand icon.png Strand kills were not counting towards patrol progress.
    • Added Neomuna weapons as a drop change from completing Heroic Public Events
      • Reduce Neomun weapons drop chance from VIP Patrols
        • UNLISTED: Heroic patrols previously guaranteed a Neomuna weapon drop.
    • Fixed an issue on the Director in which the clouds and certain visual effects on Neptune would disappear.
    • Fixed an issue where too many particle effects in certain areas on Neptune could cause Destiny 2 to crash.
    • Reduced the prevalence of elite (orange healthbar) enemies to lower the base difficulty of Freeroam.
    • Fixed an issue that was causing Cabal turrets in Ahimsa Park to respawn too quickly.


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