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A hidden tech-metropolis, untouched by the Collapse.

Neomuna is a destination on Neptune, introduced in Lightfall. It is inhabited by Shadow Legion Cabal and Vex enemies.


The Neomuna patrol area can be accessed by players who complete the First Contact mission from the Lightfall campaign. This mission is available to all players for free.

The destination's vendor is Nimbus, a Cloud Strider. They can be found at Striders' Gate. Players can earn reputation with them by completing various activities and bounties in Neomuna. Nimbus gives a Neomuna Engram on each rank increase, as well as other items and destination bonuses that are earned by reaching certain ranks.

The Hall of Heroes acts as a quest hub for the Lightfall campaign. Story characters, such as Osiris and Rohan, will appear in this area. The player can optionally hear additional dialogue from these characters at various points in the campaign. These "Interludes" will be marked on the destination map when they are available. A computer terminal will also play radio messages when interacted with.

After completing the Lightfall campaign, more vendors become available in the Hall of Heroes. Meditating at the Pouka Pond unlocks the player's Strand subclass: Berserker for Titans, Threadrunner for Hunters, and Broodweaver for Warlocks. text-center Strand Meditations can be used to purchase additional upgrades. The door to the Hall of Heroes proper will also open, granting access to Quinn Laghari's series of quests.

Initially, Neomuna has one Landing Zone at Striders' Gate. Reaching Rank 11 with Nimbus will unlock an upgrade that activates Landing Zones at the Hall of Heroes and Límíng Harbor, as well as a Landing Zone that rotates daily with the Terminal Overload Public Event. The campaign must be completed in order to claim this upgrade.


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