The Pouka Pond

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The Pouka Pond
The Pouka Pond.jpg
Name The Pouka Pond
Title Meditative Focal Point
Location Neomuna
Description Explore Strand and the power it has to offer.

The Pouka Pond is the vendor for the Strand icon.png Strand subclasses. It is named for the creatures floating in and around it.


It is located in the Hall of Heroes in Neomuna, on the left side of the room when entering from Striders' Gate.

A Landing Zone that provides quicker access to the Hall of Heroes and this vendor becomes available after unlocking the Rank 11 upgrade from Nimbus.


The player must complete the Lightfall campaign on a character before they can interact with the Pouka Pond and unlock their class' respective Strand icon.png Strand subclass: Berserker for Titans, Threadrunner for Hunters, and Broodweaver for Warlocks.

The player can use Strand Meditations icon.jpg Strand Meditations to purchase Strand grenades, Aspects, and Fragments for their current character. All other abilities are unlocked by default. Abilities purchased from the Pouka Pond only become unlocked on the current character, and are not unlocked account-wide.

Purchasing all upgrades for a subclass will unlock access to The Final Strand quest, which rewards the Final warning icon1.jpg Final Warning Exotic Sidearm. Unlocking all upgrades will also cause Strand Meditations to stop dropping on that character.

Vendor Tooltip

This tooltip appears when hovering over the icon in the upper-left corner of the vendor screen:

Earning Strand Meditations

  • Strand Meditations can be spent at the Pouka Pond to unlock additional Strand grenades, Aspects, and Fragments.
  • Collect Strand Meditations by using Strand anywhere in the system and completing activities in Neomuna.
  • Earn additional Strand Meditations while in the Vex Incursion Zone in Neomuna.

Embrace the Darkness

Discover hidden connections. Fashion them into whatever you desire.

The Strand sub-menu allows the player to purchase upgrades and abilities for their Strand icon.png Strand subclass using Strand Meditations icon.jpg Strand Meditations. The images and links below lead to sub-pages displaying the options available for each class.

Strand Vendor Titan icon.jpg Strand Vendor Hunter icon.jpg Strand Vendor Warlock icon.jpg



  • At the launch of the Lightfall expansion, some Strand Fragments had restrictions preventing players from purchasing them. On March 2, 2023, Bungie announced that these restrictions would be removed, allowing all Strand Fragments to be purchased immediately after unlocking the subclass.[1] They became available later that day.[2] The original restrictions were as follows:


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