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Champions are an enemy type that appear in high-difficulty content.


Champions are modified versions of existing enemies. They are visually different, and can be identified by dark brown electrical tendrils growing on them. There are three different types of Champions, each identified by a different symbol: Barrier icon.png Barrier, Overload icon.png Overload, and Unstoppable icon.png Unstoppable. Each type of Champion has different properties, but all Champions are more difficult to kill than normal enemies.

In order for players to stun Champions and make them more vulnerable to damage, they must either equip mods from the Seasonal Artifact that allow specific types of Champions to be stunned, or they must equip Exotic weapons or armor that have intrinsic anti-Champion properties. Champions can also be frozen using Stasis.png Stasis abilities. In some lower difficulty activities, such as Dares of Eternity, players may not need to stun Champions, and can kill them by dealing enough damage to them in a short amount of time.

Each enemy race has two possible Champion types that can appear. As most content limits the number of enemy races that appear, players will usually only need to deal with one or two Champion types at a time. However, some content (for example, the Warden of Nothing Nightfall strike) can feature all three types of Champions. The modifiers for a given activity will specify which Champion types will appear, and will usually warn players if their fireteam attempts to launch an activity without the ability to stun them.

Champions do not count as bosses for bounties. They appear to be classified as Major enemies, as the Major Spec icon.jpg Major Spec mod and Vorpal weapon icon1.png Vorpal Weapon perk increase damage against them. Killing a Champion in an activity with limited respawns, such as a Legend/Master Lost Sector or Grandmaster Nightfalls, will grant a Revive Token.

Types of Champions

Barrier icon.png Barrier Champions

Main page: Barrier Champions

These Champions cover themselves with a shield when they are at low health. Attacks ricochet off their barrier, and entering it disorients the player. They regenerate health while shielded. Finishers do not work on shielded Champions.

Their shields can be damaged using Shield-Piercing mods from the seasonal artifact, the Radiant, Volatile Rounds, and Unraveling Rounds buffs, and Exotic weapons with intrinsic Anti-Barrier properties such as Wish-Ender, stunning the Champions when their shields are broken.

Overload icon.png Overload Champions

Main page: Overload Champions

Overload Champions constantly regenerate health and can use their abilities (such as Fallen Captain teleport or Taken Hobgoblin Retaliation Swarm) more frequently than ordinary enemies.

Their health regeneration can be halted through Disruption mods from the seasonal artifact, the Slow, Jolted, and Suppression debuffs, and Exotic weapons with intrinsic Anti-Overload properties such as Divinity, which also stun them.

Unstoppable icon.png Unstoppable Champions

Main page: Unstoppable Champions

Unstoppable Champions have more health and damage resistance than usual enemies of that type. They continuously chase and attack players, and will not flinch when taking damage.

They can be stunned using Stagger mods from the seasonal artifact, the Shatter, Ignition, Blind, and Suspend debuffs, and Exotic weapons with intrinsic Anti-Unstoppable properties such as Devil's Ruin, temporarily reducing their damage resistance.

Champion Enemies


Champions are encountered in: