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The Shattered Realm was introduced in Season of the Lost. It features weekly missions where players enter the Shattered Realm to finish one of three missions to explore and uncover the realm's secrets. Mission completions are needed to progress the Wayfinder's Voyage storyline.


Players can enter into the Shattered Realm and use abilities unlocked each week to explore deeper into each realm. Secrets and collectables are hidden throughout the realm, each of which unlock Seasonal Challenges, Triumphs, and Titles. Players will complete a dungeon with three Beacons and a boss at the end of each dungeon. Each dungeon has a Legend difficulty as well.

In order to uncover all of the secrets inside the Shattered Realm, players will need to unlock a few things:

  • Complete the Wayfinder's Voyage storyline up to the Shattered Realm quests.
  • Unlock the Ager's Scepter Exotic Catalyst from Astral Alignment, which allows players to destroy boulders blocking the path to secrets further in.

The Shattered Realms quests rotate on a weekly basis at the weekly reset between three different missions: the Ruins of Wrath, the Forest of Echoes, and the Debris of Dreams. The quests rotate in a set order, as mentioned above, starting with the Ruins of Wrath. The quests will be available until February 2022.

Ruins of Wrath

This realm has Barrier and Unstoppable Champions, as well as a jumping section with a Slow field. Players should be at least 1300 Power to take on this mission.


  • Align the Beacons: Players will need to activate three Beacons. The first is near where players spawn. Following the platforms downwards, activating the beacon will cause enemies to spawn.

Several Hive ships will spawn, dropping Acolytes, Knights, Wizard Majors, Ogres, and an Unstoppable icon.pngUnstoppable Ogre. Take out the enemies to close the Hive portal, then head through the portal ahead.

From the portal, players will be able to see floating platforms surrounded by a Slow Field. Players will have to time their jumps carefully or have at least an 80 in Mobility. While doing this, players will also have to dodge Void ships firing at them from time to time. After this, players will reach the second Beacon, which will open a rift with enemies in waves similar to the first beacon. The final wave spawns a Barrier icon.pngBarrier Knight, so a high-power weapon or an Barrier icon.pnganti-Barrier weapon is recommended.

After the second beacon, players can move towards the north of the map to more platforms to a Dreadnaught ship. the first room of the ship has several Hive enemies and an Ogre Major. Dispatch the enemies and interact with the third Beacon, and the boss will spawn:

Defeat An Xohol, Jaws of Xivu Arath

An Xohol, Jaws of Xivu Arath is vulnerable to attacks until a Wizard Major spawns, at which point it will become completely invulnerable to attack. Attack the boss until it reaches about 80% health. At this point a Ritualist of Xivu Arath Wizard will spawn. Defeat it and it will spawn an aura that applies a Wrathful buff for five seconds that allows players to destroy the bosses shield. After this, the fight repeats until the boss is defeated. Afterwards, interact with the crystal to rescue the Techeun, giving you the Safe Passage ability, which allows players to resist the effects of the Slow field for 10 seconds and unlock a row of the Compass' Upgrades.

Forest of Echoes

This mission has three different shield varieties in it, so being able to break all three is necessary for the team. Bringing an Arbalest icon1.jpg Arbalest is recommended. Most of the encounters are also long-distance, so bringing rifles is also recommended.


  • Align the Beacons: Players will follow the path downwards and see a patrol of Taken near a church. Defeat the Taken and enter the church. There is a barrier that inflicts Slow around it, so it is recommended to kill the enemies inside from a distance. After entering the church,interact with the Beacon to spawn waves of enemies. Multiple waves of Thrall, Wizards, Knights and an Unstoppable icon.pngUnstoppable Phalanx will spawn. After defeating them, head out of the church and move across the map to find the second Beacon.

Heading back along the path to the large dead tree, head to the south across the platforms and towards a building, defeating the Taken along the way. Heading to the left, follow the path to the next beacon. Activate it and defeat the waves of enemies that spawn. Afterwards, activate the beacon and head back the path.

Move back to the platforms and move through a portal just past the ruins of the building. This will take players to the final beacon. Activating this will begin the final defense section.

Subdue the Techeun

This boss spawns with a horde of Taken. The Techeun will use a repulsing scream that throws players across the map. To counter this, once a gravity circle appears under a player, they should slide to counter the momentum of the attack. Fight the boss until it's around 75%, at which point the boss will summon Hoarfrost Executioners that will make the boss invulnerable to all damage. Players need to defeat the executioners to remove the boss's immunity to damage. The executioners will try to freeze players while the boss uses its repulsion scream at the same time, so be aware of being frozen. Repeat these phases until the boss is defeated. On the first clear, players will unlock the ability to breach barriers to complete the Ley Line Rumors seasonal challenge.

Debris of Dreams

Similar to the Ruins of Wrath, players will move through the area activating Beacons and defeating a boss to rescue a Techeun. Players should bring an Arbalest, as it is great for destroying shields on this mission.


  • Align the Beacons: For the first Beacon, move towards the island and take out the Scorn there. After this, head left to a Fallen structure and cross the gap to it, reaching an island. On the island is a building that houses the Beacon. Interacting it will start the first wave of enemies. The enemies will spawn from all around, so AoE skills and weapons will make quick work of them. In the last wave, an Overlord Chieftain will spawn. Destroy its shield and defeat it to end the wave. Use the Barrier Breach ability and move outside, giving players a clear path to the central island.

Back at the central island, follow the lights into a cave to the south. Following the cave path leads to a Fallen base and the next Beacon. Activating this will spawn a large amount of Scorn around you, as well as an Unstoppable Abomination at the 50% mark and the 99% mark of the objective bar. The Abominations are incredibly hardy, so it is recommended to stun them first, then hit them hard and fast.

From the second Beacon, players can head back towards the Fallen base and follow the lights down a mineshaft. After coming out of the shaft, follow the path to the left into the teleporter, which will take the players to the final Beacon.

  • Destroy the Scorn Scrapwalker: This fight has no special mechanics, players need to simply defeat the tank. To do so, players should damage the legs, which will reveal the tanks waek point. During the battle, Scorn ads will spawn, some of which have Stasis weapons. Once players have defeated the tank, the remaining ads will disappear. At the back of the room players can summon a portal to rescue the Techeun. Players will gain the True Sight ability, allowing chests and platforms to spawn in the Shattered Realm.

Legend Difficulty

Each mission has a Legend mode, which significantly increases the difficulty of each defense phase, but will increase the drop rate of seasonal gear and rewards. It is recommended that players bring weapons that can break shields to make combat easier.