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Iron Banner is a monthly PvP Live Event in Destiny 2. When Iron Banner is active, players will receive access to a special Crucible playlist that features a fixed game type and offers unique rewards in the form of Iron Banner Tokens. These tokens may be turned in to Lord Saladin at The Tower in exchange for Iron Engrams. Currently, these engrams are the only way to acquire Iron Banner weapons and armor, but this system is expected to change with the beginning of Season 2.

Differences from Iron Banner in Destiny 1


  • Winning a match rewards 10 Iron Banner Tokens.
  • Losing a match rewards 5 Iron Banner Tokens.
  • Bounties rewards 25 Iron Banner Tokens


  • Iron Banner equipment is acquired through Iron Engrams.

Event History

Season One

  • Iron Banner I: October 10th at 2 A.M. PT to October 17th at 2 A.M. PT
  • Iron Banner II: November 21st at 1 A.M. PST to November 28th at 1 A.M. PST

Season Nine

  • Iron Banner I: January 21 at 9 A.M. PST to January 28 at 9 A.M. PST


Iron Engram Contents

Note that in regard to the items listed below, either an Iron Banner Weapon or a piece of Iron Banner Armor will drop, but not both.

Iron Banner Weapons

  • 1 of the following:

Iron Banner Armor

  • 1 of the following (if Warlock):
  • 1 of the following (if Titan):
  • 1 of the following (if Hunter):

Iron Banner Shaders

Additional Rewards

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