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Iron Banner is a monthly PvP Live Event in Destiny 2. It is available the first reset week of every month and will last an entire week. Typically, players can expect there to be double or triple valor multiplier activated during these weeks. Iron Banner is a special Crucible playlist that features a fixed game type and offers unique rewards in the form of Iron Banner Tokens and/or exclusive weapons and armor pieces. These tokens may be turned in to Lord Saladin at The Tower in exchange for Iron Engrams. However, tokens can only be turned into Lord Saladin once the seasonal quest from him has been completed on the player's account.


Iron Banner uses mechanics similar to that of Control. Like Control, Iron Banner features 3 capture zones. Capturing 1 zone nets you +1 point, capturing an additional zone will net your team +2 points, and capturing all 3 zones will net your team +3 points. Similarily, getting kills while holding more than 1 zone will grant you additional points on top of the base +1 point you receive after killing an enemy player. For example if you hold 0-1 zones, you will only gain +1 point per kill. If you hold 2 zones then you will net +2 points per kill.

If a team captures all 3 zones, this activates a "hunt". This causes all 3 zones to become locked for 25 seconds and kills during this period award the "hunting" team +3 points per kill. If you are on the team being "hunted" you can only gain +1 point per kill. After the 25 second period has passed, all zones will become unlocked and teams must recapture the zones again.

A mercy rule can be activated if one team reaches 60% score before the other team reaches 20% score.

Power Level advantages are enabled in this gamemode. This means that your power level has a direct effect on your ability to deal and receive damage. Being lower power than max will cause you to not only take more damage from enemy shots, but you will also do less damage to enemies who are higher power than yourself. This doesn't mean it is impossible for you to kill opponents, it just means you may have to shoot opponents more times than you would normally in standard crucible play. It is generally advised not to partake in Iron Banner unless you are at or near the season's max power level.



  • Winning a match rewards 3-5 Iron Banner Tokens.
  • Losing a match rewards 1-3 Iron Banner Tokens.
  • Bounties reward 50 Iron Banner Tokens and 1 Pinnacle weapon or armor piece.
  • On match completion, players also have a chance of receiving Iron Banner weapons and armor pieces as well as enhanced mods regardless of winning or losing

Iron Engrams

  • One Iron Banner engram costs 20 Iron Banner tokens and will reward the player either an Iron Banner weapon or armor piece, not both. On engram collection, the player also has a chance at receiving an enhanced mod from Lord Saladin.

Note that in regard to the items listed below, either an Iron Banner Weapon or a piece of Iron Banner Armor will drop, but not both. Some weapons and armor pieces below have been retired and are no longer available as rewards.

Iron Banner Weapons

  • 1 of the following:

Iron Banner Armor

  • 1 of the following (if Warlock):
  • 1 of the following (if Titan):
  • 1 of the following (if Hunter):

Iron Banner Shaders

Additional Rewards

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