Iron Forerunner Gauntlets

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Iron Forerunner Gauntlets
Iron forerunner gauntlets icon1.jpg
Season 15
Type Gauntlets
Class Titan
Rarity Legendary
Description "Some know the legend. We were forged in the fires of a burning world." —Lord Saladin
Mobility 6
Resilience 6
Recovery 10
Discipline 12
Intellect 6
Strength 6
Complete Iron Banner matches and earn rank-up packages from Lord Saladin.
Iron Banner icon.png Iron Banner
Possible drop from match completions.
Iron Engram S17 icon.png Iron Engram
Possible drop.
Saladin vendor icon.png Lord Saladin
Focused Decoding.

Iron Forerunner Gauntlets is a Legendary Gauntlets.



  • Iron Lord's Pride icon.png Iron Lord's Pride — Grants a chance to receive an Enhancement Prism as a reward at the end of Iron Banner matches. Each piece of armor you are wearing with this perk on it increases the chance of receiving an Enhancement Prism, to a maximum of 4 items.

How to Obtain

Detailed explanation on how to acquire Iron Forerunner Gauntlets



"Some know the legend. We were forged in the fires of a burning world." —Lord Saladin


Saladin remembers burying bodies by the dozens. He remembers being thankful that the ground had thawed early that year, so they wouldn't have to burn them. Fires brought light and smoke—and light and smoke brought Fallen Raiders. Fallen Raiders brought more bodies.

"It's a vicious circle," Efrideet had said as she tied off a funeral shroud with great care. Saladin remembers the bundle being very small. "One day, I'm going to break it."

Saladin remembers how easily the body fit in his arms, how light it felt as he laid it in the grave. He remembers, with shame, pretending not to hear Efrideet's words so he wouldn't need to respond to them.

He remembers not having anything kind to say.

Saladin remembers all this and more whenever the Crow talks back to him. Sometimes, he bites down on the inside of his cheek. Sometimes, he looks up to find his Ghost focused on him with a knowing look.

He doesn't say anything to his Ghost either.


Iron Forerunner Gauntlets1.jpg

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