Iron Engram (Season 17)

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See Iron Engram.
Iron Engram (Season 17)
Iron Engram S17 icon.png
Season 17
Type Engram
Rarity Legendary
Description An engram humming with wild energy.

A Cryptarch can decode this into a powerful Legendary weapon or armor piece.

Iron Engram is a variant of the Umbral Engram. It can be decrypted at Master Rahool, or it can be focused into specific Iron Banner weapons and armor items at Lord Saladin.


  • Players get an Iron Engram as a reward for each rank increase with Lord Saladin. Rank can be increased by completing Iron Banner matches.
  • An Iron Engram is rewarded at Ranks 7 and 13 with Lord Saladin, after resetting rank at least once.


For Focused Decoding options, see Lord Saladin.

Iron Engrams can drop the following items when decrypted at Master Rahool, as of the Season of the Seraph.