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Seasonal Challenges are a gameplay system that was introduced with the Season of the Chosen.[1]


Seasonal Challenges reward players with Experience, Bright Dust, and other rewards for completing certain tasks during the current Season. These challenges are available to all players, regardless of whether or not they own the Season Pass. However, free players may not be able to complete certain challenges if they do not have access to its associated content (e.g. the current season's content, or an expansion).

New challenges are released at the beginning of each week of the season. The amount released per week can range from 3 to 10, and challenges will stop being released after Week 10. A Large Bright Dust Pile icon.jpg Large Bright Dust Pile (worth 4,000 Bright Dust) is rewarded for completing all of the current season's challenges.[1]

The Seasonal Challenges menu can be found through a link on the Quests and Season tabs in the Director.

Seasonal Challenges are only available for the duration of the current season, and any rewards that are not redeemed before the end will be lost. However, some challenges from previous seasons may be still be available to complete if their associated content is still accessible in-game. These challenges can be found in the Past Challenges tab of the Seasonal Challenges menu. These challenges usually reward items tied to seasonal content. All Experience rewards associated with these challenges are only available during their respective season.[1]



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