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A Warmind Cell on the ground
Warmind Cells are a mechanic introduced in the Season of the Worthy.


By using any Warmind Cell Mod players spawn Warmind Cells by defeating enemies with Seraph and IKELOS weapons. The Wrath of Rasputin mod allows players to spawn Warmind Cells with any Solar splash damage, without having to use a special weapon. It works with Solar grenades and some supers, and weapon perks like Dragonfly. Warmind Cells do not spawn in the Crucible.

These Cells can be destroyed by shooting at them, creating an explosion that damages enemies. They cannot be destroyed with swords, and detonation of a single Cell does not destroy others within its blast radius. Warmind Cells can also be collected or carried by players, if they use Mods that allow it. They expire after about 20 seconds.

Players can see Warmind Cells created by others, and can use them in a way their own Mods allow. It is possible to destroy them without any Warmind Cell Mod equipped.

The Warmind's Light, Incinerating Light and Light from Darkness Mods make the player Charged with Light when they use Warmind Cells in a specified way.

Seraph Weapons

IKELOS Weapons


  • Warmind Cells spawn when an enemy dies while the player character holds an appropriate weapon in their hands. The enemy can die due to a damage over time effect left by another weapon, but as long as the player holds a Seraph or IKELOS weapon and the kill counts as scored by that player a Warmind Cell has a chance to spawn.