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See The Tangle.
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Tangle is a Strand icon.png Strand buff.


A knot of Strand icon.png Strand matter, swirling with potential. Tangles can be shot and destroyed, or picked up and thrown, dealing damage.

Defeating targets afflicted by any Strand icon.png Strand debuff will unwind them and create a Tangle.



These effects can cause a Tangle to spawn.

Strand Debuffs

  • Sever debuff icon.png Sever — Severed targets unwind into a Tangle when defeated.
  • Suspend debuff icon.png Suspend — Suspended targets unwind into a Tangle when defeated.
  • Unravel debuff icon.png Unravel — Unraveled targets unwind into a Tangle when defeated.

Broodweaver (Warlock)

Strand Aspects

Strand Fragments

Exotic Weapons


These items synergize with Tangles.

Berserker (Titan)

Strand Aspects

  • Into the Fray aspect icon.jpg Into the Fray — Destroying a Tangle or casting your Super grants Woven Mail for nearby allies. While you have Woven Mail, your melee regeneration rate is increased.

Threadrunner (Hunter)

Strand Aspects

  • Whirling Maelstrom icon.jpg Whirling Maelstrom — Destroying a Tangle will weave a violent, writhing mass of Strand icon.png Strand fibers. The Strand mass seeks out and damages targets, emitting Unraveling projectiles when it defeats them.

Broodweaver (Warlock)

Strand Aspects

Exotic Armor

Strand Grenades

  • Grapple icon.jpg Grapple — Weave a grappling hook, and quickly pull yourself forward. Grappling to a Tangle immediately recharges your grenade energy.

Strand Fragments