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Buff icon

Threadling is a Strand icon.png Strand buff.


A creature woven from pure Strand matter that seeks nearby targets and attacks, dealing damage.


  • If no enemies are nearby for it to attack, a Threadling will return to its creator and perch, becoming stored for future use.
    • Up to 5 Threadlings can perch at a time, with the current amount indicated by the buff icon. They can also be seen revolving around the player.
    • Damaging targets with weapons or melee attacks will automatically release perched Threadlings, causing them to attack the enemy.


These effects can cause Threadlings to spawn.

Threadrunner (Hunter)

Strand Aspects

  • Threaded Specter icon.jpg Threaded Specter — Activating your class ability leaves behind a decoy woven from Strand icon.png Strand matter that draws the attention of nearby combatants. After taking significant damage or when combatants approach, the decoy detonates, dealing damage and releasing Threadlings that seek out and attack nearby foes.

Broodweaver (Warlock)

Super Abilities

  • Needlestorm icon.png Needlestorm — [Super]: Conjure a hail of deadly woven needles. After embedding themselves in the environment, the needles will re-weave into a host of Threadlings. Threadlings you create will return to you and perch if they can't find any nearby targets. Damaging targets with your weapons or melee will send out perched Threadlings to attack.

Strand Aspects

  • Mindspun Invocation icon.jpg Mindspun Invocation — [Grenade]: Hold to consume your Threadling Grenade and immediately generate five perched Threadlings.
  • Weaver's Call icon.jpg Weaver's Call — Cast your Rift to weave three Threadlings and deploy any Threadlings you have perched.
  • Weavewalk icon.jpg Weavewalk — [Air Dodge]: Dodge while airborne to consume your melee energy and enter the weave, gaining damage resistance from combatants and players. Reactivate your air dodge or cast your Rift to exit the weave.
    • While in the weave, your melee energy is drained and you generate perched Threadlings over time.

Exotic Armor

Strand Grenades

  • Threadling Grenade icon.jpg Threadling Grenade — A woven projectile that reweaves itself into Threadlings while in flight.

Strand Fragments

Weapon Traits

  • Hatchling icon1.png HatchlingPrecision final blows or rapidly defeating targets with a non-precision weapon spawns a Threadling at the target's location.


These items synergize with Threadlings.

Broodweaver (Warlock)

Strand Aspects

Exotic Armor

Strand Fragments

Patch History

    • Increased Threadling damage vs. PvE combatants by 30%.
  • 7.1.5[2]
    • Fixed an issue where Threadlings were colliding and detonating near Supremacy crests.


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