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Dragonfly icon1.png
Type Traits
Description Precision kills create an elemental damage explosion.
Hand Cannons Imset HC4, Nature of the Beast
Pulse Rifles Heart of Time, Infinite Paths 8
Scout Rifles Sonata-48, Tone Patrol, Conspirator, Frostmire's Hex, Vacuna SR4
Sniper Rifles Elegy-49, Damietta-LR2, Gentleman Vagabond
See also: Dragonfly (Enhanced)

Dragonfly is a Weapon Perk.


Precision kills create an elemental damage explosion.


Trigger Condition

Dragonfly triggers on precision kill.


  • 3m radius[1] elemental explosion in the element of the weapon
  • Damage is determined by weapon family not body/precision damage
    • weapons in the same family deal the same damage regardless of archetype[2]

Dragonfly becomes more effective with Dragonfly Spec.

Patch History

  • x.x.x
    • Added to the game



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