Gunsmith Engram

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Gunsmith Engram
Gunsmith Engram icon.png
Type Engram
Rarity Legendary
Description An engram with complex markers.

Contains a random Legendary weapon.
Vendor Banshee-44

Gunsmith Engram (formerly known as Gunsmith Weapon) is a Legendary Engram.


1 engram is given as a reward for every rank increased with Banshee-44. Rank can be increased by completing Banshee's daily bounties, or by dismantling Legendary and Exotic weapons and armor. Engrams are stored on Banshee's vendor screen.

Gunsmith Engrams can also drop from the following sources:

  • Lost Sectors:
    • Normal patrol zone completions have a 20% drop chance;
    • Solo completions on Legend with a Platinum rating (all Champions killed) have a 40% drop chance;
    • Solo completions on Master with a Platinum rating have a 60% drop chance.
  • Chests in patrol zones have a 20% drop chance.[1]


Claiming an engram from Banshee-44's vendor screen will immediately decrypt it into a random foundry weapon in the engram's loot pool (see below).

Gunsmith Engrams can be focused into specific foundry weapons through the Focused Decoding sub-menu on Banshee's vendor screen. Only two foundries' weapons will be available for focusing at a time, rotating daily.[1]


For Focused Decoding options, see Banshee-44.

Gunsmith Engrams can drop the following weapons when decrypted, as of the Season of the Wish (Season 23). These include foundry weapons released from Season 16 to Season 19 that were removed from the World Loot Pool. They are divided by foundry below for convenience. Engram decryptions are unaffected by the daily foundry rotations used by Banshee's Focused Decoding, and can drop any of the weapons listed below at any time.

Weapon Pattern Legendary icon.jpg Weapons listed below that are marked with this icon have Weapon Patterns and can be crafted. They can drop with Deepsight Resonance when purchased from Banshee, or when obtained from an engram. Deepsight Harmonizer icon.jpg Deepsight Harmonizers can also be used on these weapons. However, players can also unlock all of these weapons' patterns for free by completing certain quests from the Relic Conduit in the Enclave, found on the Savathûn's Throne World map. These quests are available to all players, and do not require owning The Witch Queen expansion.

SUROS Weapons

Häkke Weapons

VEIST Weapons

Omolon Weapons


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