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Hakke Logo.png

Häkke is a foundry.



Häkke designs its weapons with a sleek and militaristic styling, and also seem to be designed for durability on the battlefield.

Standard Häkke weaponry possesses a white-and-orange default appearance as well as descriptions which refer to how "you", the weapon's owner, will go on to do great things and achieve victory.

Standard Naming Convention

[Word]-[Capital Letter]

Examples: Athelflad-D, Sondok-C

Weapon Perks


This Intrinsic is found on Häkke Rocket Launchers. It functions similarly to the normal Precision Frame Rocket Launcher Intrinsic.

  • Precision frame icon1.png Häkke Precision Frame - This weapon fires a small auto-tracking missile. Missiles lock onto targets when aimed.

Origin Traits

This Origin Trait is found on Legendary Häkke weapons.

  • Hakke breach armaments icon1.png Hakke Breach Armaments - This weapon deals increased damage against vehicles, turrets, barricades, and Stasis crystals.

These Origin Traits are found on the Revision Zero Exotic Pulse Rifle.


  • Lc ranged icon1.png LC Ranged — Häkke marksman scope. Long zoom.
    • Greatly increases range
    • Decreases handling speed
  • Sc holo icon1.png SC Holo - Hakke holo sights. Medium zoom.
    • Greatly increases range
    • Slightly decreases handling speed


  • Gb iron icon1.png GB Iron - Agile iron sights. Short zoom.
    • Increases handling speed
    • Slightly increases range

Standard and Commissioned Weapons By Rarity


WeaponImageSeasonTypeSlotDamage TypeArchetypeSource
Revision ZeroRevision zero icon1.jpg19Pulse RiflesKineticKinetic"Operation: Seraph's Shield" Mission


WeaponImageSeasonTypeSlotDamage TypeArchetypeSource
Acantha-DAcantha-d icon1.jpg1Grenade LaunchersPower WeaponsSolarRapid-Fire
Albedo WingAlbedo wing icon1.jpg23GlaivesEnergyArcAggressiveEarned during the seasonal Dawning event.
Albruna-DAlbruna-d icon1.jpg19Sniper RiflesEnergyArcAggressiveComplete Gambit matches and earn rank-up packages from the Drifter.
Antiope-DAntiope-d icon1.jpg1Submachine GunsKineticKineticPrecision
Atalanta-DAtalanta-d icon1.jpg2Submachine GunsKineticKineticPrecisionComplete activities and earn rank-up packages on Nessus.
Atalanta-D XG1992Atalanta-d xg1992 icon1.jpg5Submachine GunsKineticKineticPrecision FrameCrafted in a Black Armory forge.
Athelflad-DAthelflad-d icon1.jpg1SidearmsKineticKineticPrecision
Bad NewsBad news icon1.jpg1Hand CannonsKineticKineticAggressive
Bad News XF4354Bad news xf4354 icon1.jpg5Hand CannonsKineticKinetic?????Crafted in a Black Armory forge.
BaligantBaligant icon1.jpg1ShotgunsKineticKineticAggressive
Baligant XU7743Baligant xu7743 icon1.jpg5ShotgunsKineticKineticAggressiveCrafted in a Black Armory forge.
BeidenhanderBeidenhander icon1.jpg3Submachine GunsKineticKineticPrecisionEarn rank-up packages from Executor Hideo.
Cold FrontCold front icon1.jpg23Submachine GunsKineticKineticAggressiveEarned during the seasonal Dawning event.
Cold Front (Season 19)Cold front icon3.jpg19Submachine GunsKineticKineticAggressiveEarned during the 2022 Dawning event
Cold Front (Season 9)Cold front icon2.jpg9Submachine GunsKineticKineticAggressiveThe Dawning.
Crimil's DaggerCrimil's dagger icon2.jpg5Hand CannonsKineticKineticAggressive FrameComplete Iron Banner matches and earn rank-up packages from Lord Saladin.
Crimil's Dagger (Season 2)Crimils dagger icon1.jpg2Hand CannonsKineticKineticAggressive
DisparityDisparity icon1.jpg19Pulse RiflesKineticStasisAggressive BurstSeason of the Seraph Activities
Enyo-DEnyo-d icon1.jpg17Submachine GunsKineticKineticPrecisionOpen Legendary engrams and earn faction rank-up packages.
Eystein-DEystein-d icon1.jpg1Pulse RiflesKineticKineticHigh-Impact
Frontier JusticeFrontier justice icon1.jpg1Scout RiflesKineticKineticHigh-Impact
Good Counsel IXGood counsel ix icon1.jpg1Scout RiflesKineticKineticHigh-Impact
Halfdan-DHalfdan-d icon1.jpg1Auto RiflesKineticKineticHigh Impact
Herod-CHerod-c icon1.jpg16Auto RiflesKineticStasisHigh-ImpactComplete Gambit matches and earn rank-up packages from the Drifter.
Judgment of KelgorathJudgment of kelgorath icon1.jpg19GlaivesEnergySolarAggressiveSeason Pass Reward
Legal Action IILegal action ii icon1.jpg15Pulse RiflesKineticKineticHigh-ImpactBanshee-44
Legal Action II (Season 2)Legal action ii icon1.jpg2Pulse RiflesKineticKineticHigh-ImpactEarn rank-up packages from Executor Hideo.
Loquitor IVLoquitor iv icon1.jpg2Auto RiflesKineticKineticHigh-Impact Frame
Marsilion-CMarsilion-c icon1.jpg20Grenade LaunchersPower WeaponsSolarRapid-Fire FrameOpen Legendary engrams and earn faction rank-up packages.
Minimum DistanceMinimum distance icon1.jpg1SidearmsKineticKineticPrecision
Morrigan-DMorrigan-d icon1.jpg1Rocket LaunchersPower WeaponsArcHakke Precision
Palmyra-BPalmyra-b icon1.jpg16Rocket LaunchersPower WeaponsStasisHäkke Precision FrameOpen Legendary engrams and earn faction rank-up packages.
Pribina-DPribina-d icon1.jpg1Hand CannonsKineticKineticAggressive
Pure PoetryPure poetry icon1.jpg18Hand CannonsKineticKineticAggressiveComplete strikes and earn rank-up packages from Commander Zavala.
Quitclaim Shotgun IIIQuitclaim shotgun iii icon1.jpg2ShotgunsEnergyVoidAggressiveEarn rank-up packages from Executor Hideo.
Show of ForceShow of force icon1.jpg1Sniper RiflesEnergyArcAggressive
Somerled-DSomerled-d icon1.jpg1ShotgunsEnergySolarAggressive
Song of Justice VISong of justice vi icon1.jpg1Scout RiflesKineticKineticHigh-Impact
Telemachus-CTelemachus-c icon1.jpg3Scout RiflesKineticKineticHigh-ImpactComplete activities and earn rank-up packages on Mars.
The TitleThe title icon1.jpg20Submachine GunsEnergyVoidAggressiveGuardian Games 2022
The Title (Season 16)The title icon1.jpg16Submachine GunsEnergyVoidAggressiveGuardian Games 2022
Veleda-DVeleda-d icon1.jpg1Sniper RiflesEnergyArcAggressive
Veles-XVeles-x icon1.jpg19Pulse RiflesEnergyVoidAggressive BurstEarn Ranks in Vanguard, Crucible, or Gambit playlists.
Zenobia-DZenobia-d icon1.jpg2Rocket LaunchersPower WeaponsArcHakke Precision


WeaponImageSeasonTypeSlotDamage TypeArchetypeSource
Guseva-CGuseva-c icon1.jpg1Hand CannonsKineticKineticAggressiveAdventure Arecibo on Io.
Philippis-BPhilippis-b icon1.jpg1Submachine GunsKineticKineticPrecisionEarned while leveling.
Plemusa-BPlemusa-b icon1.jpg1Grenade LaunchersPower WeaponsVoidAdaptiveEarned while leveling.
Reginar-BReginar-b icon1.jpg1Rocket LaunchersPower WeaponsArcPrecisionEarned while leveling.
Roderic-CRoderic-c icon1.jpg1SidearmsKineticKineticPrecisionEarned while leveling.
Sondok-CSondok-c icon1.jpg1Submachine GunsKineticKineticPrecisionAdventure Exodus Siege on Nessus.
Weaver-CWeaver-c icon1.jpg1Rocket LaunchersPower WeaponsArcPrecisionAdventure Deathless on Saturn's Moon, Titan.



There are no Common weapons available from this foundry.

Armor Sets



Ghost Projections