Rapid-Fire Frame

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Rapid-Fire Frame
Rapid-fire frame icon1.png
Type Intrinsic
Description Deeper ammo reserves. Slightly faster reload when magazine is empty.
Auto Rifles Sand Wasp-3AU, Yellowjacket-3AU, Home Again, Valakadyn, Perseverance, Guiding Star, Hollow Earth
Pulse Rifles Lost and Found, Nanty Narker, Lincoln Green, Psi Cirrus II, Heart of Time, The Time-Worn Spire, Autumn Wind, Darkest Before
Fusion Rifles Critical Sass, Nox Cordis II, Cartesian Coordinate
Grenade Launchers Swarm of the Raven, Love and Death, Acantha-D, Acantha-D XK8434, Berenger's Memory, Courageous Surrender, Outrageous Fortune, The Permanent Truth, Stampede Mk.32, Gareth-C, Hadrian-A
Shotguns IKELOS-SG-v1.0.1, Threat Level, Badlander
Sniper Rifles Tongeren-LR3, Luna Nullis II, Persuader, Widow's Bite, Alone as a god, Copperhead-4sn, Distant Tumulus
Rapid-Fire Frame is a Weapon Perk.

See Rapid-Fire Frame (Shotgun) for the Shotgun version and VEIST Rapid-Fire for the Scout Rifle version.

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