Precision Frame

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Precision Frame
Precision frame icon1.png
Type Intrinsic
Description This weapon's recoil pattern is more predictably vertical.
Auto Rifles SUROS Throwback, Origin Story, Pariah, Cuboid ARu, Jiangshi AR4, Uriel's Gift, Prosecutor, The Number, Positive Outlook, Orimund's Anvil
Scout Rifles Thistle and Yew, Nameless Midnight, Inverness-SR2, Call to Serve, Sonata-48, Armillary PSu, Tango-45, Tone Patrol, The End, Adverse Possession IX, Metronome-52
Sidearms Athelflad-D, Roderic-C, Minimum Distance, A Swift Verdict, Enigma's Draw
Submachine Guns Antiope-D, Philippis-B, Sondok-C, Adjudicator, Atalanta-D
Fusion Rifles Main Ingredient, Equinox TSU, The Emperor’s Envy
Shotguns Fussed Dark Mk.21, Hand in Hand
Precision Frame is a Weapon Perk.

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