Aggressive Frame

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Aggressive Frame
Aggressive frame icon1.png
Type Intrinsic
Description High damage, high recoil.
Hand Cannons Pribina-D, Picayune Mk. 33, Azimuth DSU, Guseva-C, Headstrong, Bad News, True Prophecy, The Steady Hand, Home for the Lost, Crimil's Dagger
Rocket Launchers Curtain Call, Mos Epoch III, Tiebreaker
Shotguns Somerled-D, DED Nemoris II, Botheration Mk.28, Stubborn Oak, Deadpan Delivery, Baligant, A Sudden Death, Gravity Slingshot, Quitclaim Shotgun III
Sniper Rifles Damietta-LR2, Veleda-D, Gentleman Vagabond, Show of Force, Trondheim-LR2, The Long Walk, Maestro-46
Aggressive Frame is a Weapon Perk.

Additional Information

Crown-Splitter, a Sword, gets Aggressive Frame (Sword) rather than the normal version.