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Type Adventures
Number 01
Location The Rupture, Io
Recommended Power 220
Description Follow a trail of mysterious Golden Age beacons across the moon.
Prerequisite Speak to Asher Mir after completing the Story Mission Fury.
Previous None
Next Postmodern Prometheus
Equipment Guseva-C, Rare Gear
Arecibo is an Adventure in Io.


Recommended Power: 220

Equipment Recommendations:

  • A source of Void damage will be highly useful against the Minotaurs that will be encountered during the Adventure.


Beginning the Adventure, follow your objective marker to a nearby cave. You will find a group of Goblins around a peculiar beacon. Eliminate the hostiles and investigate the beacon.

Next up, follow the marker towards Giant's Scar and fight your way through the Vex and to a small cave on the east end of the Sector. Enter it and examine the beacon you will find there.

The next beacon will be in Terrabase Charon. Fight your way to it and examine it to receive a new objective.

Then, it's time to head for Warmind Vault JYS-2. Keep in mind that it will be a Restricted Zone. Inside, clear the entire complex of any Vex presence. Then, follow the musical broadcast to the end of the Adventure.