Postmodern Prometheus

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Postmodern Prometheus
Type Adventures
Number 02
Location Lost Oasis, Io
Recommended Power 130
Description Assist Asher in his ambitious plan to tap directly into the moon’s power.
Prerequisite Speak to Asher Mir after completing the Story Mission Fury.
Previous Arecibo
Next Unexpected Guests
Items Ability Unlock
Postmodern Prometheus is an Adventure in Io.


Recommended Power: 130

Equipment Recommendations:


At the beginning of the Adventure, bits of energy spawn near the large tree south of you. Go and collect five of them and your objective will update.

The next order of business is to kill eight Vex with melee attacks. The objective marker will pinpoint the suitable enemies. During this phase, feel free to use your weapons, as long as the killing blow is dealt with a melee attack.

Then, a new objective will be given to you. Follow its marker to Terrabase Charon, where you will find a large font. Prepare to stand your ground, then activate the marked console.

The font will begin charging up, while your primary goal will be to survive until it does. Taken Thralls will swarm your position from all sides, so stay mobile and keep shooting. Do not be afraid to move around if you have to, just make sure you survive until the font charges up.

Next up, you will have to eliminate some Taken Blights. While doing so, make sure to utilize the Orbs of Light produced by the charge up font and you should have no issues completing the objective. Once all the Blights are down, focus on wiping out the rest of the Taken and the incoming Vex forces.

Keep utilizing the Orbs of Light and employ a heavy use of your Void-based weaponry and you should be able to complete the Adventure fairly quickly.