Unexpected Guests

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Unexpected Guests
Type Adventures
Number 03
Location Lost Oasis, Io
Recommended Power 120
Description End a Taken plot to throw wide the doors of reality.
Prerequisite Speak to Asher Mir after completing the Story Mission Fury.
Previous Postmodern Prometheus
Next Cliffhanger
Items Ability Unlock
Unexpected Guests is an Adventure in Io.


Recommended Power: 120

Equipment Recommendations:

  • During this Adventure, you will encounter Taken Centurions and Captains. Both Solar-based and Arc-based weapons could be of help.
  • The final encounter involves an especially powerful Taken Wizard, so a Void-based Power Weapon is recommended.


At the beginning of this Adventure, head towards your objective marker into Terrabase Charon. Engage the Taken you will encounter, while prioritizing more dangerous foes. Keep fighting until your objective updates, then follow the Taken into The Wraith Mines.

Follow your objective marker to a Taken portal. Wait for a group of Taken to exit it, then follow them to the next cavern.

When you discover an energy node there, your objective will update. You now have to take an energy charge from the node and deposit it by the portal you saw previously. Before you do so, however, make sure to clear the area of enemies.

Carry the charge towards the portal, doing your best to dodge hostiles on the way. If you have no other choice but to engage, you can use the energy charge as a melee weapon or hit the weapon switch button to drop it and engage with your actual equipment.

With the charge in hand, follow the objective markers and deposit the charge to the designated spot. Delivering the first charge will update your objective and summon a group of Taken that will attack you. Deal with the enemies, then follow the markers to the next node.

Repeat the process with the rest of the charges. Keep in mind that with each charge you deliver, a tougher group of enemies will come out of the portal. Don't rush anything and make sure to properly clear the area before you cater to an objective.

Once you deliver the third and final charge, the portal will collapse and a named Taken Wizard will spawn. Iraz, Eye of Savathun, is a formidable foe. He can take a lot of punishment thanks to his Void shield and he hits pretty hard. He will also summon Shadow Thralls as backup.

Focus your fire on the Wizard, but if you feel you're getting overwhelmed take cover of his attacks and thin out the Thralls. Make every shot count, because when you focus on the lesser foes, Iraz will have the time to regenerate his shield and you will have to break it down once more.

Eliminating Iraz will complete the Adventure.