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Type Adventures
Number 04
Location Lost Oasis, Io
Recommended Power 130
Description Stop the Vex from advancing their designs on the moon.
Prerequisite Speak to Asher Mir after completing the Story Mission Fury.
Previous Unexpected Guests
Next Road Rage
Equipment Mindbreaker Boots (Titan/Hunter/Warlock), Rare Armor
Cliffhanger is an Adventure in Io.


Recommended Power: 130

Equipment Recommendations:

  • Choose weapons with a good balance between range and impact.
  • Void-based weapons could prove useful, but damage type is not too much of a concern during this adventure.


At the beginning of the adventure, the objective marker will lead you to a small group of Vex in Spine Burrows. Shortly after you engage them, these enemies will disappear and they will be replaced by Tekton, Constructive Mind, a named Hydra. Keep fighting the Hydra, but save your Power Ammo and any special abilities.

After it takes some damage, Tekton will acquire a white glow that signifies its invulnerability. Also, a new wave of Vex forces will spawn, consisting of Goblins, Hobgoblins, Fanatics, and Minotaurs. Once all of its reinforcements are down, Tekton will disappear as well. In order to find it, you will need to follow your objective marker.

You will reach the edge of a cliff, where you will have to wait for a Vex cannon to appear. Once it does, jump through it to be catapulted to a floating platform. As you land, additional platforms will appear and you will have to jump across them towards your next objective marker.

At some point, you will reach a specific platform, where you will have to prepare for a fight. Once you're ready, stand in its center to connect to the Vex network and begin fending off incoming enemies. They will spawn from all sides, so keep an eye on your motion tracker.

Keep fighting until the connection is fully established. Once this objective is complete, the remaining Vex forces will vanish and a new cannon will spawn nearby. Jump through it to land on a new set of floating platforms.

Once again, follow your objective marker across the platforms. It will lead you to Tekton again and you will have to do your best to end this fight quickly. Use high-impact weapons and shoot between its shield.

When you manage to chip away about half of the Hydra's health, Fanatics will start spawning around you. Take cover from Tekton's fire and deal with these lesser enemies before they manage to reach the center of the platform. Then, when Tekton reaches approximately 40% health, it will become invulnerable again. Two Cyclopses will spawn and you will have to destroy them both to make the Hydra vulnerable to your weapons again.

If you're in need of emergency cover, you can find a small covered alcove under the platform by using the ramp at the edge. However, save this option for last resort. Otherwise, you might find yourself overwhelmed when you return to the fight.

Fanatics will keep spawning after the initial wave, so you will have to deal with them, Tekton, and the Cyclopses at the same time. Additionally, some Harpies will also come with the Cyclopses, so keep an eye on your motion tracker and don't focus solely on the big targets.

Once the Cyclopses are down, keep fending off lesser enemies while taking Tekton's health down. This is the final encounter, so do not hesitate to use all of your offensive abilities. Once the Hydra is destroyed, a cannon will spawn at the edge of the platform. Jump through it to go back to solid ground and complete the Adventure.