The Dawning 2022

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The Dawning 2022

The Dawning 2022 is the Dawning Live Event for Year 5, taking place during the Season of the Seraph. It will last from December 13, 2022, to January 3, 2023.[1]

Event Information

  • Earn Ingredients by defeating different combatant factions, and using specific weapons, elements, and abilities.
  • Earn Dawning Essence by completing various activities throughout the system.
  • Combine Ingredients and Dawning Essence to bake Cookies which can be delivered to vendors across the system in exchange for rewards, including Dawning Spirit, and occasionally A Gift in Return, which can be opened for unique Dawning weapons and rewards.
  • Redeem Dawning Spirit through Eva in order to empower your ingredient gathering capabilities, unlock new gift options, and harness the power of Snowballs.
  • Complete Event Challenges, located on the Quest screen, to acquire event rewards!


Eva Levante is the event vendor. She can be found across from the landing zone in the Tower. She will give players The Dawning introductory quest, as well as Eva's Holiday Oven 2.1. With ingredients gathered by defeating enemies in various ways, players must use the oven to bake cookies, which can be given to characters throughout the game world as gifts. The Cookie Delivery Helper quest requires players to bake and deliver every cookie at least once.

During the event, completing activities will grant more leveling progress than usual to equipped crafted weapons. Defeating enemies with Snowballs will also contribute progress to all equipped crafted weapons.[2]

Event Card

The Event Card can be accessed from the Quests tab in the Director next to the Seasonal Challenges. It can also be found on Eva Levante's vendor screen, or through the Tower icon on the Destinations map in the Director.

Event Challenges

Main page: The Dawning 2022/Event Challenges

Event Challenges can be completed to earn various rewards, including weapons, cosmetic items, Masterwork materials, and Event Ticket Solstice icon.png Event Tickets. Event Tickets can only be used on the upgraded Event Card, and expire when the event ends.

Upgraded Event Card

Players can spend text-centerSilver to upgrade their Event Card, unlocking access to several cosmetic items. This immediately grants the Event Pack, which contains the following items:

Upgrading the Event Card also allows players to use the Event Ticket Solstice icon.png Event Tickets earned from Event Challenges to purchase the following exclusive rewards:

Star Baker Triumph Seal

Main page: Star Baker Seal

Completing all 16 Event Challenges will complete the Dawning Triumph Seal, unlocking the Star Baker title. Four additional Triumphs must be completed to gild the title. Gilding resets annually.

Reveler Triumph Seal

Main page: Reveler Seal

Completing 16 Event Challenges during Dawning events will complete the associated Triumph for the Reveler Triumph Seal.

Event Content


Ghost Shells







Ghost Projections

Transmat Effects

Weapon Ornaments

Armor Ornaments

Holiday Gifts




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