Vex Mythoclast

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Vex Mythoclast
Vex mythoclast icon1.jpg
Season 14
Type Fusion Rifle
Slot Energy
Ammo Primary
Rarity Exotic
Damage Type Solar
Archetype Exotic
Description …a causal loop within the weapon's mechanism, suggesting that the firing process somehow binds space and time into…
Impact 33
Range 41
Stability 19
Handling 55
Reload Speed 64
Rounds Per Minute 360
Magazine 25
Zoom 15
Inventory Size 40
Aim Assistance 75
Recoil 80
Bounce Intensity 20
Bounce Direction Tends Right
Vault of Glass icon.png Vault of Glass
Raid drop.
Vex Mythoclast PvP Stats

Vex Mythoclast is an Exotic Fusion Rifle.

Perks - Curated Roll


Sight / Barrel

  • Arrowhead brake icon1.png Arrowhead Brake - Lightly vented barrel.
    • Greatly controls Recoil.
    • Increases Handling Speed.

Magazine / Battery

  • Volatile battery icon1.png Volatile Battery — This battery simultaneously exists in multiple timelines, causing the weapon to Overcharge.
    • Greatly increases magazine size

Trait 1

  • Temporal unlimiter icon1.png Temporal Unlimiter - Defeating targets builds stacks of Overcharge.
    • [Alternate Weapon Action]: Swap firing modes when fully Overcharged.
    • In alternative firing mode, hold the trigger to charge up and fire more powerful linear fusion shots.

Trait 2

  • Hand-Laid Stock icon.png Hand-Laid Stock — This weapon is optimized for recoil control.
    • Increases stability.


Vex Mythoclast Catalyst is obtained by completing its puzzle in the Vault of Glass raid. Its upgrade is unlocked by defeating enemies with this weapon.

The Catalyst gives Vex Mythoclast the Calculated Balance perk and Masterworks it.


Some legends live forever. Others are overwritten—reshaped by the sheer will of those who believe that any ordeal can be conquered, any foe vanquished, any god cast down.

The Mythoclast is a Vex instrument from some far-flung corner of time and space, mysteriously fit for Human hands. Its origins, mechanism of action, and ultimate purpose remain unknown. Perhaps it will reveal itself to you, in time…


Vex Mythoclast1.jpg

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