A Gift in Return

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See also: A Gift in Return (Season 2)
A Gift in Return
A Gift in Return icon.jpg
Name A Gift in Return
Season 12
Type Container
Rarity Legendary
Description The cheer you've spread has come full circle. Unwrap this gift to receive Glimmer, a substantial amount of experience, and additional rewards.

Rewards may include:
Upgrade Modules
Legendary Shards
Enhancement Cores
Enhancement Prisms

Available only during the Dawning.

A Gift in Return is a Legendary Container item from the Dawning.


This item can randomly drop when claiming a Dawning Delivery icon.jpg Dawning Delivery, which is obtained by delivering cookies.


  • Can be opened to obtain rewards (see Contents).

The Dawning 2021

The Dawning 2022

The Dawning 2023


The Dawning 2021

Opening this container will guarantee a drop of a Dawning-exclusive weapon. It will also reward Glimmer1.pngGlimmer and Experience.

The container can also reward the following items:


The following weapons could drop when opening A Gift in Return during the Dawning 2021. Zephyr required completion of The Pigeon Provides quest for it to be able to drop.

Cold front icon2.jpg Kinetic Cold Front
Primary ammo Submachine Gun
Glacioclasm icon2.jpg Void Glacioclasm
Special ammo Fusion Rifle

Avalanche icon2.jpg Solar Avalanche
Heavy ammo Machine Gun
Zephyr icon2.jpg Stasis Zephyr
Heavy ammo Sword

The Dawning 2022/2023

Unlike the 2021 event, this item does not reward Dawning weapons when opened. In order to obtain weapons, it must be focused at Eva Levante in the Tower.

Opening this container rewards Glimmer1.pngGlimmer and Experience. It can also reward the following items: