Volantes Violentiam

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Volantes Violentiam
Volantes violentiam icon1.jpg
Season 19
Type Quest
Rarity Exotic
Steps 3
Vendors Banshee-44
Rewards The Manticore Catalyst

Volantes Violentiam is an Exotic Quest. It is given by Banshee-44 after obtaining The manticore icon1.jpg The Manticore. This quest can only be completed once per account, with progress shared across all three characters.

Interaction: Banshee-44

Banshee-44 takes your Manticore and considers it carefully.

"Got some old parts," he says, deep in concentration. "I remember—what was it? It was a long time ago."

He shakes his head as if trying to shake a thought from his mind. The Exo hands the weapon back to you with a look of resolve.

"Won't be too hard to punch it up. No reason we have to settle for what's given."

Volantes violentiam icon1.jpg Volantes Violentiam

1. Volantes Violentiam


Reconstruct The Manticore's catalyst by defeating targets with Submachine Guns while airborne.

"Huh. Veist tech. Could use some punching up. Won't be a problem for you." —Banshee-44


Defeat targets with Submachine Guns while airborne.: 50

2. Volantes Violentiam


Complete Vanguard Operations, Gambit and Crucible matches, and defeat targets while using The Manticore.

Higher-tier Nightfall completions, Crucible and Gambit wins, and defeating Guardians provide additional progress.

"Just a little calibration and it'll really start to sting." —Banshee-44


  • Calibration data generated: 200
  • Targets defeated: 450

3. Volantes Violentiam


Return to Banshee-44 in the Tower to receive the calibrated catalyst.


Banshee-44 visited: 1

Interaction: Banshee-44

"Good job. Veist knows what they're about. But so do you." —Banshee-44

The Manticore Catalyst icon.jpg The Manticore Catalyst