Eternity's Edge

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Eternity's Edge
Eternity's edge icon1.jpg
Season 14
Type Sword
Slot Power
Ammo Heavy
Rarity Legendary
Damage Type Solar
Archetype ?????
Description "A sword is a wand that casts two spells: parry and cut." —Tarsem Sauer
Impact 60
Range 50
Ammo Capacity 62
Swing Speed 46
Efficiency 10
Zoom 0
Open Legendary engrams and earn faction rank-up packages.
Eternity's Edge PvP Stats
Eternity's Edge is a Legendary Sword.

Perks - Curated Roll


  • Vortex Frame icon.png Vortex Frame — [Heavy Attack]  : Launch a heavy spin attack.
    • Heavy attacks are stronger with full energy.



  • Infinite guard icon1.png Infinite Guard — Sword Guard has balanced defenses and maximized endurance.

Trait 1

  • Thresh icon1.png Thresh - Killing combatants with this weapon generates a small amount of Super energy.

Trait 2

  • Whirlwind blade icon1.png Whirlwind Blade - Consecutive rapid sword strikes increase this weapon's damage output.

Perks - Random Rolls


Possible Guard

  • Thresh icon1.png Thresh - Killing combatants with this weapon generates a small amount of Super energy.
  • Tireless blade icon1.png Tireless Blade — Sword ammo granted for every other powered sword kill.
  • Energy transfer icon1.png Energy Transfer - Guarding while receiving damage generates class ability energy.
  • Relentless strikes icon1.png Relentless Strikes — Landing three light attack hits within a short time grants sword ammo.

Possible Trait

  • Counterattack icon1.png Counterattack - Guarding while receiving damage grants a damage buff for 5 seconds.
  • Flash counter icon1.png Flash Counter - Melee blocked immediately after guarding disorients and weakens the attacker.
  • Surrounded icon1.png Surrounded - This weapon gains bonus damage when three or more enemies are in close proximity.
  • Assassins blade icon1.png Assassin's Blade - Sword Kills boost movement speed and damage.

How to Obtain

Detailed explanation on how to acquire Eternity's Edge




Eternity's Edge1.jpg

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