Pain and Gain

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Pain and Gain
Joy in suffering icon1.jpg
Season 8
Type Quest Step
Rarity Exotic
Steps 3
Vendors Banshee-44
Rewards Riskrunner
Riskrunner Catalyst

Pain and Gain is an Exotic Quest.

1. Joy in Suffering


Engage in dangerous activities for science. Complete a Lost Sector in the EDZ, any Heroic public event, and a Nightfall strike.

"Guardian—we can make this shooter shoot, but you'll need to put yourself in harm's way so we can synchronize its functions." —A note from Banshee-44


2. Risk/Reward


Select the Risk/Reward mission on Earth to search the Cosmodrome and complete your new weapon.

"All we need now are some Arc conductors. Take this Ether key. It's Hunter tech. Was a gift. Should get you to a stash 'near a gap' in the old Cosmodrome.

"Track down and defeat Fallen Captains. Their Ether profiles will activate the key. And, hey… If you see my friend—or his chicken—tell him not to be a stranger." —A note from Banshee-44


Risk/Reward completed: 1


Riskrunner icon1.png
Arc Riskrunner
Primary ammo Submachine Gun
Riskrunner Catalyst icon.jpg
Riskrunner Catalyst
Increases Riskrunner's range by 27.

3. Visit Banshee-44


Return to Banshee-44 in the Tower Courtyard.

"If you survive the search and get what we need, swing back to the Tower and fill me in on how it felt to light up any Fallen scavengers you bump into." —A note from Banshee-44


Talk to Banshee-44: 1

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