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Prophecy banner.png
Location IX Realms
Players 1-3
Power 1050
Expansion Season of Arrivals icon.pngShadowkeep (does not require ownership)
Enemies Taken
Boss Phalanx Echo (Taken Phalanx)
Kell Echo (Taken Captain)
Description Enter the realm of the Nine and ask the question: "What is the nature of the Darkness?"

The Prophecy is a dungeon introduced in the Season of Arrivals. It can be launched from The Tower map.


Enemies Encountered



First Encounter

Here, you will learn about dungeon mechanics which revolves around Light and Darkness.

You will notice that there is a Darkness and a Light pillar at the end of the hall. Also, the place is swarming with Taken enemies and Knights. Each time you kill one, he will drop either a light or a dark mote, which will vary depending on where you kill them. The border of your screen will give you an indication, as it will glow white or black. Your goal is to collect five of each and then activate the trigger on the top of both pillars. Notice that you'll need to focus on collecting motes of the same kind, as they will otherwise cancel each other. Repeat this process one more time before heading into the next area.

Second Encounter

The second area revolves around the spherical arena. This is where you will fight your first boss Phalanx Echo . He is going to be immune, and you will need to cleanse 4 pillars. It's time to start killing Knights and figuring out which pillar is Light and which one is Dark. Keep in mind that each time you cleanse a pillar, the configuration of others will change. Once all 4 pillars are down his shield will drop, so blast him with everything you got. This is a small arena, so use Well of Radiance and Titan Bubble to make this fight a bit easier. Anarchy will do massive damage and quickly finish the fight. Stand on the purple hue in the center of the arena to sink into The Wasteland .

Third Encounter

You will find yourself in the huge desert, so summon your sparrow and start exploring it. Look for the rings with Taken Blights around them. Once you blow up their hatching spot you will notice a little wisp of light heading in one direction. Follow it and you will find more rings with Blights around. After few rounds, you will get the message: "The way is open". Now, you'll need to look out for a glowing pink pillar of light. Head toward it, and you will notice that massive doors have opened, which will take you to The Cube .

Fourth Encounter

The Cube is like Escher's staircase, as you can teleport to other sides of it, which will switch the center of the room's gravity. Each side of the cube will have either a Light or Darkness pillar, and there are sand circles on the floor, walls, and ceiling. You will want to move towards Toland - a little wisp of light that guided you in the previous encounter.

The mechanic here is similar to the previous encounters. Just keep killing Knights and collecting Light and Dark motes. Then, dismantle the pillar located right below the Toland. This will switch the center of gravity, so keep heading towards him till you cover all 6 sides of the cube. Sometimes Toland will be 2 steps ahead of you. This just means it will take 2 turns to get to him and doesn't affect the process in any way.

Keep your eyes on nasty Hobgoblins, as they will be spawning from all directions and can inflict much damage. At the end of this encounter, you will be teleported to a small arena where you'll fight 2 Centurion Echos. Keep your distance and they shouldn't be a problem. Head towards another big doorway, but don't forget to open your reward chest.

Fifth Encounter

You will once again come out in the Wasteland. This time, you will have to follow Kell Echo - a Taken Fallen Captain. Summon the sparrow and keep fighting through until you reach another big doorway that will lead you to Singularity. Here, you will need to switch between taking a ribbon road and traveling through floating pyramids filled with ads. Keep in mind, there's a hole in the back of the last pyramid where you can find a secret chest. When you get to the bottom, you will see a bizarre tube that will suck you up and transport you to the final arena.

Sixth Encounter

Phase One

The final boss room is shaped like a giant triangle where, like in Cube, you will have to constantly switch orientations. To start the encounter, simply go to a wisp floating in the middle of the arena. Kell Echo will spawn in 3 corners of the room. He will be immune, but still able to deal you a massive amount of damage. First, focus on getting rid of one of his copies by dismantling either a Light or Dark pillar that's nearest to that boss. When you do this, a Taken Ogre will spawn, so quickly eliminate him. Now that you have one corner that will serve as a cover from fire, things will get a bit easier. Repeat the same process 2 more times and you will notice the purple wisp in the center of the arena. Head into it and you will be transported to another room and the damage phase will start.

Phase Two

This is a long room filled with floating platforms, so you will need to constantly move. You will also acquire a debuff called Dark Entropy which can kill you if it reaches 10 stacks. To remove it, you will need to stay very close to Kell Echo. This is a bit challenging since he will start teleporting through the room and is very powerful. He will use the Taken Blight attack that inflicts huge damage and teleports you backwards. In any case, keep chasing and blasting him, while also eliminating Taken Hobgoblin snipers along the way. Weapons such as The Mountaintop and Anarchy will be very useful at this point. Kell Echo will soon reach the end of the room and teleport, so follow him by entering the purple wisp which will take you back to phase one.

Repeat the whole process 2 or 3 times and the fight will be over. You will then be teleported into the chamber of the Nine, where your rewards will await.


Phalanx Echo

Ikelos hc v1.0.2 icon1.jpg Void IKELOS_HC_v1.0.2
Primary ammo Hand Cannon
Widow's bite icon1.jpg Solar Widow's Bite
Special ammo Sniper Rifle
Crushing greaves (coda) icon1.jpg Crushing Greaves (CODA)
Titan Titan Leg Armor
Flowing boots (coda) icon1.jpg Flowing Boots (CODA)
Hunter Hunter Leg Armor
Channeling treads (coda) icon1.jpg Channeling Treads (CODA)
Warlock Warlock Leg Armor


Death adder icon1.jpg Solar Death Adder
Special ammo Submachine Gun
Negative space icon1.jpg Solar Negative Space
Heavy ammo Sword
Crushing guard (coda) icon1.jpg Crushing Guard (CODA)
Titan Titan Gauntlets
Flowing grips (coda) icon1.jpg Flowing Grips (CODA)
Hunter Hunter Gauntlets
Channeling wraps (coda) icon1.jpg Channeling Wraps (CODA)
Warlock Warlock Gauntlets

Kell Echo

Moonfang-x7 helm icon1.jpgMoonfang-x7 chassis icon1.jpg
Moonfang-x7 gauntlets icon1.jpgMoonfang-x7 greaves icon1.jpg
Moonfang-X7 Titan Set
Titan Titan
Moonfang-x7 mask icon1.jpgMoonfang-x7 rig icon1.jpg
Moonfang-x7 grips icon1.jpgMoonfang-x7 strides icon1.jpg
Moonfang-X7 Hunter Set
Hunter Hunter
Moonfang-x7 crown icon1.jpgMoonfang-x7 robe icon1.jpg
Moonfang-x7 gloves icon1.jpgMoonfang-x7 boots icon1.jpg
Moonfang-X7 Warlock Set
Warlock Warlock

The Emissary

Hoosegow icon1.jpg Arc Hoosegow
Heavy ammo Rocket Launcher
Ikelos sg v1.0.2 icon1.jpg Solar IKELOS_SG_v1.0.2
Special ammo Shotgun
Crushing helm (coda) icon1.jpg Crushing Helm (CODA)
Titan Titan Helmet
Crushing plate (coda) icon1.jpg Crushing Plate (CODA)
Titan Titan Chest Armor
Crushing greaves (coda) icon1.jpg Crushing Greaves (CODA)
Titan Titan Leg Armor
Flowing cowl (coda) icon1.jpg Flowing Cowl (CODA)
Hunter Hunter Helmet
Flowing vest (coda) icon1.jpg Flowing Vest (CODA)
Hunter Hunter Chest Armor
Flowing boots (coda) icon1.jpg Flowing Boots (CODA)
Hunter Hunter Leg Armor
Channeling cowl (coda) icon1.jpg Channeling Cowl (CODA)
Warlock Warlock Helmet
Channeling robes (coda) icon1.jpg Channeling Robes (CODA)
Warlock Warlock Chest Armor
Channeling treads (coda) icon1.jpg Channeling Treads (CODA)
Warlock Warlock Leg Armor

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