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Legacy raids, dungeons, and other past content.
The Legends icon as it appears in the Director.

Legends is a destination. It can be found on the Destinations map in the Director, appearing to the right of the Vanguard, Gambit, and Crucible icons. It is meant to contain older "legacy" content that does not fit within any of the current in-game destinations.

All content contained within Legends is free for all players.



Main page: Triumphs/Legends

The Legends triumph category contains triumphs related to the activities contained within Legends, as well as other activities that do not fit within the other triumph categories. This includes triumphs related to the following activities:



Patch History

    • There are new copies of the Warden of Nothing Triumphs in the Legends Triumphs category. Players who previously earned these Triumphs will have that reflected in their Legacy Triumphs and Triumph score, but they may be earned again in this new spot for additional Triumph points.
    • Prophecy dungeon has been moved to the Legends screen.
  • 3.2.0[3]
    • Legends added to the Director Destinations tab.


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