Veles Labyrinth

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Veles Labyrinth
Veles Labyrinth.jpg
Location Cosmodrome
Sector Forgotten Shore
Enemy Type Hive
Bosses Ak-Baral, Rival of Navôta (Knight)

Veles Labyrinth is a Lost Sector in the Forgotten Shore.


Note: Champions spawn only in Legend and Master Lost Sectors.

Head through the cave and clear out incoming Thralls. Take the right turns in the labyrinth. A Barrier Knight will appear after some time, along with a bunch of adds. Clear them out and you will come to a clearing, where Acolytes await. Kill them and go up the stairs and prepare for another Barrier Knight. After it is defeated, Thralls will spawn behind you. Jump across the chasm where you will meet an Unstoppable Ogre and a Wizard. Destroy them and the boss will spawn. Ak-Baral, Rival of Navôta wields a Hive Boomer and summons Thralls, Acolytes and Knights.


Clearing this Lost Sector solo on Legend or Master difficulty may reward the player with a piece of Exotic armor and Enhancement Cores.

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