Glacial Quake

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Glacial Quake
Glacial Quake banner.jpg
Class Titan
Subclass Behemoth
Type Super
Element Stasis
Description Summon a Stasis.png Stasis gauntlet. While your Super is active:

[Heavy Attack]  : Slam your gauntlet down to create a shockwave that freezes targets and sends out Stasis.png Stasis crystals to freeze additional ones.

[Light Attack]  : Supercharge your Shiver Strike for bonus damage. Sprint through Stasis.png Stasis crystals or frozen targets to shatter them instantly.

Glacial Quake is a Super ability used by the Behemoth subclass.


  • Heavy attack (RMB) creates an icy shockwave that freezes nearby targets and sends out crystals.
  • Light attack (LMB) will supercharge the Shiver Strike.
  • Colliding with frozen enemies or crystals will destroy them on impact.