Wish-Ender (Quest)

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Wish-Ender (Quest)
Wish-ender icon2.jpg
Season 8
Type Quest Step
Rarity Exotic
Steps 1
Prerequisite Key of Light and Darkness
Vendors Petra Venj

Wish-Ender is an Exotic Quest.

1. Wish-Ender


Present this talisman to an Awoken warrior within the Shattered Throne.


Talisman presented: 1


  • Players who have obtained but not completed this quest in the past (i.e. before the removal of the Tangled Shore steps in version[1]) can reacquire it from the Quest Archive kiosk in the Tower or H.E.L.M. Players who cannot acquire the quest from the kiosk can simply interact with the statue of Sjur Eido without it.[2]
  • This quest can only be completed once per character.[2]
  • This quest is completed by interacting with the statue of Sjur Eido right after defeating Vorgeth in the Shattered Throne.


Main page: Wish-Ender
  1. Defeat 3 hidden bosses in the Shattered Throne to turn Dreaming Token of Querim, Dreaming Token of Eriviks and Dreaming Token of Xavoth into their Waking versions.
  2. Bring Waking Token of Querim, Waking Token of Eriviks and Waking Token of Xavoth to Sjur Eido.
  3. Receive the Wish-ender icon1.jpg Wish-Ender bow.

Patch History


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