Explosive Head

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Explosive Head
Explosive head icon1.png
Season 4
Type Trait
Description Arrows explode after a short delay.
See also: Explosive Head (Enhanced)

Explosive Head is a Weapon Perk.


Arrows explode after a short delay.


  • Impact damage reduced to 50% of original impact damage
  • Arrows now explode dealing 50%/65% of original impact damage in PvP/PvE[1]

On precision hit, explosive damage increases accordingly using the bow's crit multiplier.


Explosive Damage is higher in PvE and results in a net increase of +15% damage over a bow without Explosive Head. This damage buff is notable because it requires no special trigger condition to be satisfied. For comparison, Vorpal Weapon and Frenzy give the same buff in damage.

Explosive head has an anti-synergy with Rampage. Rampage only affects Impact Damage and not Explosive Damage. The way the math works out, Rampage x3 + Explosive Head caps out at a net +30% damage, The same as having just Rampage. [2] [notes 1]

Patch History

  • x.x.x
- Added to the game.


  1. Claim verified by oribix by testing with Rampage/Explosive Head arsenic bite 4b in a Nessus Lost Sector.


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