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Unlock an ability on one of your subclasses.

Upgrade Points were a type of currency, removed in New Light.

Upgrade Points were displayed on a character's subclass screen, and were used to buy abilities for that subclass. Each ability cost a single point. The subclass trees introduced in Forsaken did not require Upgrade Points, they were unlocked by defeating enemies instead.

All of the abilities in all of the subclasses are unlocked by default in New Light.


The players received Upgrade Points by gaining Levels after completing the Spark mission, by completing Meditations, or the following Adventures for the first time:


Upgrade points were used to unlock 2 alternative Grenades, 1 alternative Class Ability, and 2 alternative Movement Modes for the first subclass available to the character. Once bought, these abilities were automatically unlocked for the other two subclasses. These points were also used to unlock the 4 abilities in a subclass tree (Code/Way/Attunement).