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Type Adventures
Number 01
Location Artifact's Edge, Nessus
Recommended Power 90
Description The Vex have set up a disrupting device. Find and destroy it.
Enemy Types Vex
Prerequisite Speak to Failsafe after completing the Story Mission Six.
Previous None
Next Ghost in the Machine
Items Shieldbreaker Plate/Vest/Robes, Rare Gear
Unbreakable is an Adventure in Nessus.


Recommended Power: 90

Equipment Recommendations:

  • Rapid-firing weapons must be a priority, as you will be swarmed with Vex forces.
  • Void-based weapons are recommended for dealing with the Minotaurs.


Once you start the adventure, sweep the area for some Vex to kill and collect the 8 energy cores you need. Then, head back to the Exodus Black and deal with an Empowered Minotaur, an Elite Minotaur protected by a white shield which can only be damaged while the player has the Disruptor Charge buff, acquired by walking into a nearby energy spike. Once the Minotaur is down, step into the spike (if you haven't already) and your objective will update.

When it does, follow your objective marker to The Tangle. There, you will be tasked with collecting energy from various spikes in the area. They will be marked with objective markers, but keep in mind that you will have to deal with Goblins and Hobgoblins around them. Go from one spike to the next until the objective is completed.

Next up, you will have to collect a Large Energy Font. This is located above a Vex portal in the area. Once you reach it, be prepared for battle. It's being guarded by some Harpies, but they are hardly a concern. However, once you collect it, another Empowered Minotaur will spawn and you will have to deal with that.

With the Minotaur down, Failsafe will provide you with some coordinates to follow. They will lead you to a Vex altar inside the Well of Echoes. Once you approach the marked device in the middle, Well of Echoes will become a Restricted Zone.

Your new objective is to destroy this disruptor core. However, it's protected by an impenetrable shield. To lower the shield, you will have to deal with a wave of Vex enemies. Among them, you will find an Empowered Minotaur once more. When he dies, he will drop an Arc Core which you can then use to overload the Arc generator, which will lower the shield. Once a third of the core's health is gone, the shield will go back up and another wave of enemies will spawn.

Repeat this process for a total of three times, dealing with more dangerous waves and another Empowered Minotaur each time, and the disruptor core will be left at your mercy. Destroy it and you will complete the adventure.