Dawning Engram

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Dawning engram icon1.png Dawning Engrams can decrypt into a variety of cosmetic items according to the following rules:

Decryption Algorithm

  • Exactly 2 items are guaranteed.

How to Acquire

Item Pool


Item Rarity Icon Description
Snowball Fight Exotic Snowball fight icon1.jpg Incoming!


Item Rarity Icon Description
Snowball Fight Exotic Snowball fight icon1.jpg Incoming!


Item Rarity Icon Description
Glad Tidings Exotic Glad tidings icon1.jpg "This may be the 'Last Safe City,' but we've still gotta look out for each other." —Suraya Hawthorne
A History of Starlight Exotic A history of starlight icon1.jpg Before Tyra Karn settled in the Iron Temple, her second home was among the stars.
Vapoorwill Spin Exotic Vapoorwill spin icon1.jpg "Move quickly enough, and perhaps all our worries will be outpaced by the joy you share." —Eva Levante
Cerulean Flash Exotic Cerulean flash icon1.jpg Some years, the Dawning comes faster than anyone expects.
Carmina Commencing Legendary Carmina commencing icon1.jpg While we are together, let the festivities begin.
Dragonfly Strident Legendary Dragonfly strident icon1.jpg Let us bring the glory of the Dawning to one another.
Breath of Stars Legendary Breath of stars icon1.jpg "I breathe easier when I'm out among the stars." --Quantis Rhee
Brilliant Narcissus Legendary Brilliant narcissus icon1.jpg Let glory shine on your face and all of those around you.
Regent Redeemer Legendary Regent redeemer icon1.jpg Look up and know you are justified in hope.
Joyfire Legendary Joyfire icon1.jpg Joy is up to you. Take it and fly.
Alta Clara Legendary Alta clara icon1.jpg We said we'd make it.
Winter Blade Legendary Winter blade icon1.jpg There is a time for war and a time for peace. Let us strive to excel at both.


Item Rarity Icon Description
Chill of Winter Exotic Chill of winter icon1.jpg The Dawning comes once a year. Some wish it would take a little longer.
Holiday Cheer Exotic Holiday cheer icon1.jpg A twinkle in our eyes, ozone in our lungs, and a song in our hearts.
Magikon Legendary Magikon icon1.jpg Sometimes we don't see what we have to offer, but I tell you: everyone else sees.
Shimmering Iris Legendary Shimmering iris icon1.jpg "The only problem with a Sparrow this beautiful is that I'm usually going too fast for people to appreciate it." --Cron-8
Rocket-Propelled Bobsled Legendary Rocket-propelled bobsled icon1.jpg It's more than just a Sparrow.
Insectus Invictus Legendary Insectus invictus icon1.jpg Try and keep up.
December Muse Legendary December muse icon1.jpg Open the doors and bring in the light.
Rupture Legendary Rupture icon1.jpg Some things need to be broken.
Viperdiamond Legendary Viperdiamond icon1.jpg "It combines my two favorite things: shiny stuff, and sharp stuff." --Ariadne Gris
Acumen Maxer Legendary Acumen maxer icon1.jpg Fewer mins, more maxes.
Subito Mk. 9 Legendary Subito mk. 9 icon1.jpg Fully optimized for speed above all else - including safety. Recommended for Guardian use only.

Ghost Shells

Item Rarity Icon Description
Wild Hunt Shell Legendary WildHuntShell.jpg For Ghosts who remember the older ways.
Sweet Memories Shell Legendary SweetMemoriesShell.jpg For Ghosts of light and happy remembrance.
Dulcinea Shell Legendary DulcineaShell.jpg For Ghosts of victory in the face of darkness.
Circular Time Shell Legendary CircularTimeShell.jpg For Ghosts of tomorrow and tomorrow.
Jasper Dawn Shell Legendary JasperDawnShell.jpg For Ghosts with hidden light and color.
Dawning Bauble Shell Legendary DawningBaubleShell.jpg For Ghosts of brilliance and determination.
Infinite Hand Shell Legendary InfiniteHandShell.jpg For Ghosts who search for endless peace.
Pomegranate Shell Legendary PomegranateShell.jpg For Ghosts bearing hidden gifts.
Joyous Hunt Shell Legendary JoyousHuntShell.jpg For Ghosts who sing their way into strife.