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Faction Rallies were an event in Destiny 2 that had the player choose from one of three different factions on offer each and every week: Dead Orbit, New Monarchy, and Future War Cult. Depending on which of the three factions that you chose, you would've garnered some faction-specific rewards that can only be acquired from that selected faction. Of the three different factions you can choose from, no one faction was better than the other and by the end of the week, your faction affiliation will reset, so you can pick and choose between the lot for each Faction Rally.

Before you pledged, however, you must have finished the campaign and reached level 20 with that character, but that was the only restriction placed upon the player for the event.

Earning Tokens

With Faction Rallies you need to earn a resource for your chosen faction, the name of this resource was Faction Tokens: depending on your chosen faction, either New Monarchy Tokens, FWC Tokens, or Dead Orbit Tokens. These Faction Tokens used to be acquired through a number of different means, such as completing Public Events, Lost Sectors, Strikes, Raids, playing The Crucible, and completing Daily Quests.

  • Lost Sectors grant 3 Faction Tokens per completion.
  • Vanguard Strikes grant 6 Faction Tokens while Heroic Strikes grant 7.5 Faction Tokens (i.e. for every 2 Strikes you complete, you get 7 tokens in your first Strike, then 8 tokens in your second Strike).
  • Normal Nightfall Strikes grant 10 Faction Tokens.
  • Public Events grant 4 Faction Tokens while Heroic Public Events grant 5 Faction Tokens.
    • Ultra enemies spawned as part of Flashpoints award 3 Faction Tokens when slain.
    • The Secret Public Event exclusive to Faction Rallies, the one involving capturing enemy supplies before the enemy can retrieve them, grants 1 Faction Token per capture and an additional 4 Faction Tokens if all four captures are completed and the Ultra unit that spawns shortly afterward is slain.
  • Both Crucible Quickplay and Crucible Competitive grant 2 Faction Tokens on losses and 5 Faction Tokens on wins.

If a Daily Quest highlighted a particular planet's Lost Sectors, Faction Token gains from completions of those Lost Sectors were doubled for the day regardless of whether the Daily Quest had been completed.

To save the concern on missing out with any regular tokens that drop during any of these events or game modes, all of the regularly acquired tokens will be gained alongside the Faction Tokens that can be earned during each Faction Rally.


These Faction Tokens can only be used to purchase reward packages for your chosen faction for that week. The reward packages can reward you with weapons, armor, and shaders. At the end of the week, the faction that has opened the most reward packages is crowned the winner.

Each faction has a unique weapon that you can only acquire from that specific faction. While only the winning faction can sell their weapon to players, including to opposing faction pledgers, pledgers of the winning faction are able to buy the weapon at a discount as follows:

  • Non-Discounted – 50,000 Glimmer
  • Discounted – 1,000 Glimmer

After opening 30 different reward packages, you will no longer be able to obtain gear except for shaders. This is to prevent farming for easy gear and can only be circumvented by changing characters and farming with them until reaching the same 30-package limit.

Faction Rally Winners

Season 1

Rally Dates Winning Faction Victory Weapon
1 09/26 - 10/02 Dead Orbit Haunted Earth
2 11/07 - 11/13 New Monarchy Honor's Edge

Season 2: Curse of Osiris

Rally Dates Winning Faction Victory Weapon
1 01/16 - 01/22 New Monarchy Loquitor IV
2 02/20 - 02/26 New Monarchy Legal Action II
3 03/20 - 03/26 New Monarchy Interference VI

Season 3: Warmind

Rally Dates Winning Faction Victory Weapon
1 06/05 - 06/11 Dead Orbit Basilisk
2 06/26 - 07/03 Future War Cult The Vision
3 07/17 - 07/24 New Monarchy Broadsword Launcher