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Flashpoints are weekly challenges that require the players to complete activities on certain destinations.


Each week a certain destination becomes a Flashpoint. Participating in activities in that location gives the player character progress toward this challenge. To complete it, they have to visit the vendor in that destination. The player is then rewarded with a Luminous Engram, which contains Tier 1 powerful gear.

While a destination is a Flashpoint, a single Heroic Adventure from that world is available throughout a day. It can be replayed indefinitely, and changes daily.

Flashpoints are progressed by the following activities:

  • Public Events — 15%;
  • Heroic Public Events — 25%;
  • Lost Sectors — 5% for killing the boss and additional 5% for looting the chest.


In the Season of Dawn, the rotation of Flashpoints is as follows:

The Dreaming City and the Moon cannot be Flashpoints.

Unlock conditions

As of New Light, Flashpoints are unlocked by default along with the rest of the challenges, when the player's character reaches 900 power (without Seasonal Artifact bonus).

Prior to the update, Flashpoints were unlocked by completing the Patrols questline for Cayde-6 after the Fury Story Mission.