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Treasure Maps are a new item and PvE Activity that is exclusive to Destiny 2 and are an item that may be purchased from the Vendor Cayde-6. These items can be purchased either on The Farm (before completion of the game) or at The Tower (once the player has completed all Red War Story Missions with that character). Treasure Maps are used to lead players to a certain planet in search of up to 5 different chests that Cayde-6 seems to have left on the planet and forgot about over the years.

On the item itself there will be a small description that is a combination of both a riddle and a small quip from Cayde-6 himself and can give you a small inclination on where you’re meant to be going in the first place. Since the Treasure Maps are consumable items, you can use them from your inventory and for the next 4 hours these chest locations will be highlighted on your map.

A player may only purchase each of up to 5 Treasure Maps once per week per character from Cayde-6, each one costing 4,800 Glimmer. At the end of every weekly reset, the Treasure Maps in your inventory will be removed regardless of whether you’ve found the chests or not, and a new set of treasure maps will be available for purchase.

Map Locations

The Treasure Maps can lead you to locations within all 4 patrol zones in Destiny 2 (5 if you own Curse of Osiris); however, only Treasure Maps for the current week's Flashpoint patrol zone will be sold at any given time:

After long enough, some of the Treasure Map locations will loop back to a location that you might have already explored for chests in the past. Despite this return to location, the areas in which the chests are located will have changed, as will the descriptions on the Treasure Maps, so with every weekly reset the Treasure Maps are once again new and unique, using different locations on the planet that they won’t have sent you to before.

Chest Rewards

At the end of each of these Treasure Maps will be one of the five chests for that week (three for Mercury) and while each chest will completely vary from one another, some of the items that can be acquired from these chests are as follows:

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