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Legendary engram icon1.png Legendary Engrams can contain legendary weapons or pieces of legendary armor according to the following rules:

Decryption Algorithm

  • Base Attack/Defense Range: 150-MAX
  • Required Level: (Base Attack/Defense - 30)/10, rounded to the nearest whole number
    • Capped at Level 20 up to 300 base Attack/Defense
    • Above 300 base Attack/Defense, a different Required Level formula is used: 21 + round((Base Attack/Defense - 300)/10)
  • (Highest Base Power Level + 5?) if below 260? Power
  • (Highest Base Power Level - 5) if above 260? Power

Item Pool

The following categories of legendary equipment can be decrypted:

  • EDZ Weapons
  • Arcology Weapons
  • Nessus Weapons
  • Io Weapons
  • Additional Reward Weapons
  • Additional Reward Armor Sets

The following categories of legendary equipment cannot be decrypted:

  • Vanguard equipment
  • Crucible equipment
  • Vanguard Research equipment
  • Gunsmith-exclusive weapons
  • Lost Prophecy weapons
  • EDZ Armor
  • Arcology Armor
  • Nessus Armor
  • Io Armor
  • Mercury Armor
  • Trials of the Nine equipment
  • Leviathan equipment
  • Faction Rally faction equipment
  • Other Live Event equipment

Note that Legendary Engrams have a low chance to decrypt upward into an Exotic Weapon or piece of Exotic Armor. If this happens, the power level of the item will appear to be adjusted to (Highest Base Power Level - 0) - the game actually uses the same Power Level for Exotics from Legendary Engrams as for other items from these Engrams, but all Exotics have a Legendary mod pre-installed which raises their total power level by 5. (In contrast, Exotic Engrams decrypt into items with base Attack/Defense equal to (Highest Base Power Level - 0), but the guaranteed Legendary mod will raise their Attack/Defense to (Highest Base Power Level + 5).)

Legendary Engrams also have a low chance to decrypt upward into a Masterwork Weapon or Masterwork Armor piece. For now, the Masterwork and Exotic outcomes are mutually exclusive since Exotic items currently cannot become Masterworks.

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