Solstice 2022

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Solstice 2022

Solstice 2022 is the Solstice Live Event for Year 5, taking place during the Season of the Haunted. It lasts from July 19, 2022, to August 9, 2022.

Event Info

  • Earn Silver Leaves from completing activities throughout the game with Candescent armor equipped. Wearing a full set of Candescent armor rewards the most Silver Leaves. Launch into the Bonfire Bash and stoke the bonfire to turn Silver Leaves into Silver Ash. The more you stoke the bonfire, the more Silver Leaves can be transformed into Silver Ash, and the more Solstice armor and weapons are rewarded.
  • Silver Ash can be used on Candescent armor to apply Glowing Embers, then Shining Embers, then Stat Sparks, all of which reroll stats for that armor piece.
  • Complete Event Challenges, located on the Quest screen, to acquire Kindling, which can be applied to Candescent armor. Doing so grants access to better Embers and stat-roll choices from Sparks.
  • Glows can be acquired for Candescent armor by fully rekindling an armor piece by applying Kindling.
  • Solstice reward packages, which may contain Masterwork materials, can be purchased from Eva using Silver Ash.

Event Vendor

Main page: Eva Levante/Solstice 2022

Eva Levante is the event vendor. She can be found across from the landing zone in the Tower.

Event Card

This event introduces the Event Card, which can be accessed from the Quests tab in the Director next to the Seasonal Challenges.

Event Challenges

Main page: Solstice 2022/Event Challenges

Event Challenges (similar to Seasonal Challenges) can be completed to earn Kindling icon.jpg Kindling, which is used to upgrade Candescent armor, and Event Ticket icon.jpg Event Tickets, which are only able to be used on an upgraded Event Card. Some challenges may give additional rewards. There are 24 challenges. Challenge completion is per character, not account-wide, allowing players to obtain a full set of upgraded Candescent armor on each character.

Upgraded Event Card

Players can spend Silver1.pngSilver to upgrade their Event Card, unlocking access to several cosmetic items. This immediately grants the Solstice Event Bundle, which contains the following items:

Upgrading the Event Card also allows players to use the Event Ticket icon.jpg Event Tickets earned from Event Challenges to purchase the following exclusive rewards:

Flamekeeper Triumph Seal

Main page: Triumphs/Flamekeeper Seal

This event has its own Triumph Seal. Completing the Seal earns the Flamekeeper Title. Each Event Challenge is tied to a Triumph in the Seal. Completing 24 Triumphs will unlock the Title, and completing all 28 Triumphs will gild it.

Reveler Triumph Seal

Main page: Triumphs/Reveler Seal

With the addition of the Event Card system, a new Triumph Seal has been added. The Seal's Triumphs can be completed by completing Event Card challenges during each of the four calendar Seasons. It is cumulative, meaning that challenges do not need to be completed within a single event/year. Completing the Seal rewards the Reveler Title.



A package containing a full set of Candescent armor is given by Eva Levante when first speaking to her. Additional armor can be earned as drops from Bonfire Bash, or recovered from Eva.

Candescent Armor

Titan Hunter Warlock
Candescent helm icon1.jpg Candescent Helm Candescent mask icon1.jpg Candescent Mask Candescent hood icon1.jpg Candescent Hood
Candescent gauntlets icon1.jpg Candescent Gauntlets Candescent grips icon1.jpg Candescent Grips Candescent gloves icon1.jpg Candescent Gloves
Candescent plate icon1.jpg Candescent Plate Candescent plate icon1.jpg Candescent Vest Candescent robes icon1.jpg Candescent Robes
Candescent greaves icon1.jpg Candescent Greaves Candescent strides icon1.jpg Candescent Strides Candescent boots icon1.jpg Candescent Boots
Candescent mark icon1.jpg Candescent Mark Candescent cloak icon1.jpg Candescent Cloak Candescent bond icon1.jpg Candescent Bond

Event Content



Ghost Shells







Ghost Projections

Transmat Effects

Weapon Ornaments

Armor Ornaments

Event Currencies